Lightning Warrior Raidy III

Upload your cheat tables here (No requests)
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Lightning Warrior Raidy III

Post by STN » Tue May 02, 2017 2:36 am

This table is for windowed version of the game that I have. No idea the version but I've attached the hashes in case you want to see if you have a different exe.
Made by coconutty
EDIT : Table now contains:
Return Stones

(3.7 KiB) Downloaded 270 times

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Lightning Warrior Raidy III

Post by JorgeFFC » Sat Jul 14, 2018 8:47 pm

First of all the table wasn't made by coconut or he re-made(tsuki made a base table with the starter stats such as money), then i made one table for this game a loong time ago and included even forms or teleport with a walkthrough for some forums around. Still, i'm sharing it here again so i don't end up losing the table myself.

The table contains


- General Codes(Raidy stats, money, exp, hp, lightning charge amount, form or transformation, conditions, etc)

- Teleport Code(Dungeons work in a system like X and Y, knowing where the boss is, you can directly teleport or skip directly to boss battles if want or to get another scene, i remember i shared a walkthrough alongside all coordinates to directly skip the entire game pretty much and only fight bosses a loong time ago).

- Healing Items(Everything that heals, change amount or make it infinite, up to player)

- Equipment(Get all possible equips from the game, in any amount player wants).


The game edition we used was Jast version btw.

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