Splinter Cell: Conviction

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Splinter Cell: Conviction

Post by STN » Tue May 02, 2017 2:32 am

The attached table was tested on SC: Conviction v.1.03 Skidrow, but should work on other releases (AOBScan used).

Cheats included come from different sources (mine included), hence I can't claim nor I can accept any credits for the table. Of course, if somebody wants to use it for different purposes except for personal use, permissions are not mine to give.

The only reason I post anyway the table here is because there were none.
Made by GrandPa

Bulletproof (F1) - Defined as "Health" by Team BReWErS (@GameCopyWorld); they have full credit for this cheat. Sam dies anyway if caught in the middle of an explosion.
Lock Ammo (F2) - It gives Unlimited Ammo and No Reload at the same time
No Recoil (F3) - Inside weapon's range, you get perfect accuracy; outside it, bullets spread anyway
Execute On (F4) - No more need to perform takedowns to obtain the feature
Lock Points (F5) - Your challenges points can't decrease
Undetectable (F8) - Defined as "Invisible" by Screw It (@GameCopyWorld), which have full credit for this cheat; if you run or shoot multiple times or get hostages near enemies, they get temporary awareness of you and "Last known position" silhouette can appear.
Portable EMP (F9) - When equipped, you have unlimited use of this gadget.

Online Challenges - It can give achievements for Online Challenges. Usage: enable it, then open P.E.C. Challenges (Vanish list is default) and turn to Splinter Cell list; return to menu, disable cheat, open P.E.C. Challenges again, and you will see those three challenges achieved and their points are available.
All Challenges - Same AA script as above, but this time without filters, so for every list you open, challenges will be achieved.

Note: Obviously, among those last two cheats only one at a time can be enabled. In Table Extras there is challenges' index for customizations.
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