Civilization 3 Conquests Complete Edition Up*Retail/Steam

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Civilization 3 Conquests Complete Edition Up*Retail/Steam

Post by STN » Tue May 02, 2017 2:25 am

Table for Civ3. Retail and Steam

Open City Build Time just add multiples of 2 per turn you want to subtract. Town Growth and Culture as well. Selected Unit Move amount, Level, Hp, and whether they've attacked yet, 0 is max move/hp/not attacked. Gold is weird, just change the first 2 addr

Made by SinStar87

Yay, someone have answered me.. Very Happy
Your .ct worked for the steam version too.
The Steamversion enables playing multiplayer on Steam.
I have tried the pointerscanner succesful. Very Happy
I try to get addresses later and update this post.

Thx for your help.

latest Update:
This cheatable for Civ 3 Complete Steam Edition attached to this post includes now:
Unit Move (need a selected unit; 0 is unmoved)
Build Time (need a selected city)
Food - in Storage Box (need a selected city; cities need a full food storage to grow)
City Culture (need a selected city; 100000 culture points = max terrain for a city [6x6])
City Population (need a selected city; City Culture is much better to grow a city, cuz the City Population-grow don't influence the citizen, it only change the number; only usefull if you quick need a new settler or worker and your city level is to low)

- This .ct is missing Gold and Date changing.
- The .ct have no longer the original version, used for the non-steam version, included.

Please, if you find bugs, or have new codes, tell it. Smile

little step-by-step tutorial on how to find this addresses:

Unit Move:
Select a unit.
0 is max; normal fields take 3 points and moving over streets 1
You simply have to look for the exact value (You don't have to change any settings on ce(6.4 used).
You will find 3 addresses, 2 of them won't work. - If you change them, the number befor come back. You need the one which is changeable.
Now rightclick it and do a pointer scan for this address (You have to save it to a pointerlist, you can/should delete it later[It takes 1-2GB.]).
Double click 3-5 first addresses with "Civ3Conquests.exe"+xxxxxxx
You no more need the pointerlist.
You go back to your list of addresses and check out, which addresses will change, while you select a new unit and which change the one you does the pointer scan on. You can delete the addresses which don't change and the original one.
I got 2 working addresses on the most pointer scans. You have to keep one. If you want to be sure, to take the right, try the address on another game.

Build Time:
Select a city.
You only have to count the shields on the producing you actually run. Search for exact value, change it (Skip turn or go for wealth and than return on what you have build befor.) and do a new scan. After some scans you have the address. (It should be only 1, I think.)
Do the pointerscan like at Unit Move. Just select different cities instead of units.

Food - in Storage Box:
Select a city.
Do the same like at Build Time, but count the food instead of shields.
And pointerscan..

City Culture:
Select a city.
Do the same like at Build Time, but search for the culture points.
And pointerscan..

City Population:
I forgot how to do this, but I think, its the same way.
I used draft to change the Population

Have fun. Smile
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Re: Civilization 3 Conquests Complete Edition Up*Retail/Steam

Post by eternien » Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:25 am

Really nice table thanks. Can you add the possibility for the units to be invincible ?

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