Guacamelee: Health, Money, Floating

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Guacamelee: Health, Money, Floating

Post by STN » Mon May 01, 2017 8:57 am

This is my first table I post here. So please be gentle Very Happy

Game: Guacamelee Gold Edition
Version: Rev. 80034

* Health: Skips part of the damage code. So health is not reduced and certain objects don't have any effect (thorns, flying bones).
* Floating: Press X in game to float up. There are also two addresses X-Pos and Y-Pos which can be used to set the player's coordinates manually.
* Money: This is only a static address. So it might not work in other game versions. But it's easy to find. Just scan for a 4-byte int value.


The 'Health'- and 'Floating'-cheats are based on AoB scans. So they hopefully work in other game versions too.

There is a challenge in El Infierno where you die upon a single hit. So I am skipping part of the damage code instead of just overwriting the health value, which would have been easier.

I created a couple structures in 'Dissect data/structures'. See README inside the cheat table. I am sure there is a lot more to be found there.

Have fun,

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