Lucius II +3 (table Update1)

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Lucius II +3 (table Update1)

Post by STN » Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:51 am

made a table for Lucius II
Made by Cielos
- making use of CE's Mono feature the first time after reading Dark Byte's AA scripts:
- updated Enable script, abandoned AOB scans as they were a little bit slow, and not as reliable (the original AOB can still be find inside the script should you want to revert back to AOB scans somehow).
- added Ignore Skill Cooldown and Instant Cooldown
- added one more pointer (Invisible flag) based on the info Dark Byte provided.

Inf. Mana
- Mana won't drop below specified Min Mana.
- Min Mana default: 90

Inf. Mana for Telekinetic Object Control
- as the Inf. Mana script would make some graphical glitch when using Telekinetic Object Control, you have to activate this script together to avoid this glitch.
- this script use AOB scan, can only be activated after you use Telekinetic Object Control to MOVE an object once.
- should the graphical glitch persisted even after you activated this script, deactivate both this and Inf. Mana scripts first, then use the Telekinetic Object Control to MOVE an object once more. AFTER the Mana bar's color changed back to blue (NOT red), you may activate both Inf. Mana and this script again.

Ignore Skill Cooldown
- skill would still enter the cooldown state after being used, but you can use it again right away actually.
- using Mono to locate the injection point, can be activated once the game is loaded (no need to use skill once first).

Instant Cooldown
- as title says.
- this script use AOB scan, can only be activated after you use a skill once

No Busting
- people would still notice your appearance but the Detection bar won't go up at all.
- people may walk towards you sometime, but they won't catch you.

Health, Mana, Skill Points, Invisible flag, and some other misc pointers.

- script with its name ended with (Mono) means it uses mono data collector to dissect data, you should be able to activate them once the game is loaded.
- script with its name ended with (AOB) means it uses AOB scan, when can be activated only after you do the corresponding action first, (e.g. to activate Instant Cooldown, you have to let the game do a skill cooldown first).
- originally plan to make more options (mainly because I want to play with the Mono feature more...), but as my friend don't really like this game, there won't be update any time soon probably...
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