Borderlands 1 v1.5.0.0 GOTY

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Borderlands 1 v1.5.0.0 GOTY

Post by STN » Thu Apr 20, 2017 8:04 pm

Made by lolvbet

I don't know why there is no trainer or ct for Borderlands 1 v1.5.0.0, so I've decided to update some old CTs.
It's a simple ct, but it works.

I've tested it with Borderlands 1 v1.5.0.0 GOTY (STEAM).

Features =
Current Ammo (Pointer)
Current Left Ammo (Pointer)
Money (Pointer)
Skill Points (Pointer)
Unlimited Health (Script)
Unlimited Ammo (Script)

I've used Unlimited Health and Ammo script from Geri.
Thanks to him.
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