Cannonball - Neko Neko Machine Mou Race

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Cannonball - Neko Neko Machine Mou Race

Post by STN » Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:10 pm

Made by Psiho_c


Energy - your Detonator's speed
Foxbat (Navigator) - just what its says, to be honest, I have no clue what it does.
Detonator HP - just what its says, if 0, you get a game over.

ALL 3 - Energy,Foxbat (Navigator), Detonator HP - have set the SPACE key as an HOT-KEY. Basically, when you press SPACE, all 3 will have the Value set to 200.
If you wish to Edit or remove the Hot-key, select one of then and press CTRL + H.

My Battle HP / Enemy Battle HP - the HP of said side during a battle. HOT-KEY: "Z" for 100 HP for you/ "X" for 0 HP enemy

Area (max 15 - or the game will be mess up) - Basically, just don't use it... MAKE A SAVE FILE BEFORE A RACE BEFORE YOU USE THIS ONE and then test it out, you will see that the game will mess up so you need to close the game (does NOT corrupted the game in any way). Basically, if you freeze the value, you will be looped over and over again until you freeze it.
During and race, there are events, if you SKIP does events ( like setting the value to 10 from the start of the race) you WON'T be able to finish the race. You need to see every event in a race in order to finish that race.
Regardless how many times you loop yourself, you will NOT get to the next group. You can only get to the next group when you are attacked due to race plot event.
Anyway, basically, the only usefulness of this one is to freeze it if you wish to talk with someone in order to get all the conversations (most of them are really interesting, like how the knight did meet her navigator).

Tail Play Score (max 1Cool - HOT-KET: T (from tail) = value becomes 17.
If you press T (hotkey) before you did select one of the 3 "cards?" the will be stuck and you need to close it.
How to use it efficiently: Start the Mini-game, select either of the 3, it does not matter, and then press T ( when Foxy's tail is swinging press T) and them the score will be 18 (perfect score). You only need to do perfect 18 once for the extra scene but it is fun to see the characters how they "mew" around if you get a perfect score.

BTW: You can hold CTRL to skip everything (menu loading, GC menu loading, Race - basically finish any race in less than 1 minute) but be warned that holding CTRL will skip even previously unread text so pay attention while holding it!
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