Planet Centauri

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Planet Centauri

Post by STN » Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:54 pm

Made by Jessen

I'm still kind of new to pointers so this one doesn't have any currently. But I know a general process for relocating them.

Address Group 1: All you have to do is use the mouse to pick something from your inventory with a number. Search for that number in Cheat Engine, then place the object back down in your inventory and search for 0. Pick it bakc up if you have more than one address in the bar and repeat till you only have one., Highlight that address, then highlight all the options under Group 1, then right click "Pointer Contents Quantity" and select "Recalculate New Address" and it should open a window. Press Change and it should change to the correct addresses.

Address Group 2: Its a similar process, only you're going to reverse the numbers searched. Place an item stack in a slot in your hotbar, search for the number in the stack, take the item out, search for 0, rinse and repeat. Once you're down to one address, do like you did to recalculate for group on, but with all under group 2 highlighted. Also make sure you recalculate the quantity for the correct hotbar slot you used, otherwise you might have Hotbar slot 3 show up in hotbar 4 address area by mistake.

This is all I can do for now for getting people started. I've been looking into details for items, such as their quality level, number of rune slots, ect, but theres no way to really single it down yet. I also cant figure out how to find the values for abilities that weapons and armor might have initially, such as the life steal on death abilities. If anyone wants to try and look for those i'd be greatful. And if Someone actually wants to automate the system for finding your hotbar and fame and such, i'd be even more so
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Re: Planet Centauri

Post by SHJordan » Wed Mar 28, 2018 1:40 pm

Can you please update this to 0.8.7 release?

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