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Space Run Galaxy -

Post by STN » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:47 pm

Made by cooleko

In Battles:
- Edit Hexnuts
- Edit Focus
- Infinite Turrets
- Infinite Hexnuts
- Infinite Focus
- Infinite HP, Ship Enemies Die Easily, No Cooldown on Focus Timer
- NonShip Enemies Die Easily (asteroids, squids, etc)
- Ship Boost for getting three stars with default engine
- Instant Runs for skipping runs entirely

What I like to do is:

That is, activate EVERYTHING (with three exceptions, see picture). If I want to kill the pirate boss or the kraken, or w/e the story line wants me to fight, I simply turn off Instant Runs. Otherwise, all of the scripts run together without fault.

The "Inf HP, Enemy Ships No HP, No CD" script has a glitch, where it will show your ship on fire in the loading bay, this is because the pointer hasnt been initialized until battle starts, so the script thinks your ship is an enemy ship. The fancy version of the script "Inf HP, Enemy Ships No HP, No CD (Can be left on if Max Focus is on)" simply checks to see if focus is set to 1000 from the other script (which only runs during battles), and then sets ship HP accordingly. Since some players may not want to cheat the focus, I didnt make this the default.

Dont add more engines with the Ship Boost script (or do, idc), it makes each engine max out at 2000 so the base engine is more than enough!
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Re: Space Run Galaxy -

Post by Arimai » Fri May 26, 2017 8:27 am

Would you consider updating the table? The game crashes most of the time.

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