Peggle v1.01 +16 cheat table

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Peggle v1.01 +16 cheat table

Post by STN » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:30 pm

Made by hygkolk

Hello, here is my first cheat table, I am still working on it, I would like someone to test to see if it works on their system, the game is only 15.5 mb.
Make sure you have v1.01 or else it may not work..
I have used random pointers for my addresses that seemed to work each time..


Let me know if it works!

Sorry if I did not add the functions of this table, they all do what they say.
Exception is "screen character": value 0-9 to change the current character at the top of the screen, I would recommend to freeze it. Value above 9 will crash game.

I really need feedback to know if I am using the pointers correctly and if my table works on other computers. If so I would like to upload trainer.. there is no trainer out there with this amount of "cheats"
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