ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR CLASSIC 2000 God mode, Ammo, others.

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ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR CLASSIC 2000 God mode, Ammo, others.

Post by STN » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:12 pm

Made by possom2009

So, these are my tables for AvP Classic 2000 G.O.G., Steam, and Gold versions.

Inf.Ammo for the Marine and Predator.

God mode for all classes.

Vision Select.
0:Normal Vision
1:Light for Predator and Marine, Alien vision for Alien
2:Night Vision 1
3:Thermal Vision
4:Red Vision
5:Night vision 2
6:Aliens/Predators have Red Blood

Light scale. Change # for more light (Only works with debug mode on)

Leanscale 0 turns leanscale off

Crouch toggle. set to 1 to turn it on

Inf Predator shoulder cannon energy.

EDIT: Added Steam edition table. That table has an extra code that gives the Marine Inf. Flairs. Set to 0 for Inf. Flairs.
(48.55 KiB) Downloaded 248 times
AvP_Classic Steam.CT
(48.23 KiB) Downloaded 232 times
AvP_Classic Non G.O.G.CT
(86.19 KiB) Downloaded 182 times

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