DariusBurst Chronicle Saviors

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DariusBurst Chronicle Saviors

Post by STN » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:43 pm

Small table for DariusBurst CS + DLC, latest Steam version. Not guaranteed to work on any other version. I am a noob at this stuff so nothing's guaranteed to work.

ARM is basically your shields, toggle 'ARM Won't Decrease' for basically infinite HP.

'Beam Won't Decrease' is the channelling cost of the beam burst, toggle this for infinite beam spamming. Some Beams have an initial activation cost, toggle the other option on to offset this.

Remember to use the correct option depending on the ship you're playing. The 'Metal Black' DLC ship has its own options and two Beam modes (this ship is ridiculously OP). Tap the Beam button for Lightning Storm and Press+Hold for the big beam. Note this ship can actually 'beam clash' a la DBZ with a boss ship's 'red beam', like in its original game.

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