One Finger Death Punch - STEAM

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One Finger Death Punch - STEAM

Post by STN » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:31 pm

Made by identifiable

A table for the STEAM version of One Finger Death Punch. AOBScan.

- Health Pointer*
- Set Miss Reaction Time to 0
- Pause when Hit
- Set Level Score to 999999
- No CD on Skills**
- Ignore Misses**
- Speed Pointer

*Don't freeze this health pointer, just shove a huge value into it. Freezing will crash it eventually. Tried everything I could think of and holding health always results in crashes, pointer or assembly.

**When you first start up the game, memory doesn't get allocated until an event occurs. So 'Ignore Misses' won't work until you've missed at least one. 'No CD on Skills' won't work until you've landed a punch. This is only true for when you first launch the game.

NOTE: Disabling a script can cause the game to crash. Just bear that in mind. (Future Me: Because you wrote the scripts wrong. Past Me was dumb.)
One Finger Death Punch Steam - 31Dec14.CT
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