Kichikuou Rance Cheat Engine English

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Kichikuou Rance Cheat Engine English

Post by STN » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:24 pm

Made by Psiho_c

This is an updated version of the cheat engine found at
alicesoft.wikia - Kichikuou_Rance:Cheats

From it, I did add a lot and fix a few of the code since most likely that one was for the Jap version while this one, I made it while playing the English translation 1.0 of the game.

When you open this Cheat Engine, you will see 5 headers ( you need to check the box - freeze - on the left side of the name in order to see the codes):

-----Actions (Freeze at 1 for infinite)-----
Gold, items and more
Dates, event and countdown
Troops Stats
Battle and Dungeon

-----Actions (Freeze at 1 for infinite)-----
At the start of a turn, every action you can do is set to 1. Once you make an action, it is set to 0. Freezing the value on 1, you can use whatever action you for with no limits.
Spy Command (Set to 0) - header - inside you will have the 4 ninjas. 0 means you can use the ninja. Freeze at 0 to use it infinitely. 1 means you have the ninja but you use her this turn. 99 mean you don't have her.

Gold, items and more
Gold - max 65535 ( max value for anything in this game)
Items: 0 - you don't have the item. 100 means you have the item (unequip if its and weapon/armor/accessory). If you set an item's value to 1, that item will be equipped to Rance. If 2 than Sill, and so on till 50, Cecil.
Visit Officer Academy - the number of how many times you have visited the Military Academy ( event purpose)
When using troop management - [...] When you go to troops, and select add troops to one of the characters, Maris will tell you that adding XX or XXX troops cost this much. Before selecting "Do it" in-game, if you change this value, the number of troops will be change accordingly while keeping the initial cost. If you select Rance, select add troop once, Maris will tell you how much does it cost to add 25 troops to Rance's army, if you change the value right not to 2500, and then select "Do it" in game, Rance's troop will increase by 2500 while paying only for 25. This aAddress might affect other stuff so don't keep it frozen.

Dates, event and countdown
Calendar days in number - Freeze the calendar. Useful to save Sill and Soul. Doe NOT prevent the demon army from attacking if to much time has passed. A few event (Like the Magic search) are using the calendar. Like the 4 week wait for a free city to surrender, after you say that you will wait, if you freeze this value, you can end your turn how many times you want, until the value is not +4 or more of what it was when you spoke with the Mayor, he game will thing as not a week has passed.
Countdown for next Demon Army Events - freezing this will prevent any event in the Demon army Kingdom to happen. Will not affect any demon related event happening Leazas. Note: even if you conquer all nations until the demon army is unified, you will not be able to attack them
Each number represent weeks left till a new event. So if Event X happens, the value will change to let's say 8, this means that after 8 turns, the next demon army event will happen. Useful if you wish to enjoy fighting the other nation without the demon army marching in. Will not prevent anything if you freeze after the demon army started to attack the Humans.
Melfeis - set to 8 or more and she dies due to insanity, 12 to be cure - Melfeis needs to be Hs every 2 month. After she was H, the value changes to 1. If the value becomes 8 ( 2 months) she will die. 12 is when she was cured. It turns to 13 if you try to H her once she is cured.
Construction Time - how many turns it take to finish a building you did order. Set it to 1 for it to finish on the next turn. Don't set it on 0 as nothing will be happening and won't be able to reorder that building again.
Hirami Lemon week left countdown - this number will decrease until an event with Miki and Kentarou, in their room and how she need a new Hirami Lemon. After this event, if the value becomes 0 ( decrease each turn), you will get a CG (only this one) and the two will leave ( together with the other 2 demons). If by this time, the Demon who can kidnap Miki ( see wiki, demon army section, if you wish spoiler to who I'm talking about, his name start with a P.), at one point, P will take Miki to the Demon army leader, after some event, the leader becomes too strong to be any non-cheating way to defeat him, because of this - Once the leader gets Miki, even if you use codes to defeat him, you won't receive any Happy Destiny after the credit.

Troops Stats
Each person is a header. Around the last (48 out of 50), is and overlapping of the Hanny King and Kaiju Prince. Fell free to tell me if you have found a way to add them manually. Unless you record one of the ( and on;y one since they exclude each other) you won't have any image, text if you try yo speak and so on. See wiki how to recruit one of them.

Battle level starts from 0
After each level up, the experience you have will reset to 0
Max HP, Attack and Defence are Rance's stats (Or whoever you modify).
Strategy - if you set it to 100, on every battle, that characters will get battle advantage
Magic ATK/DEF - as said
# of Attacks - how many units the leader can kill ( or similar, the game is a bit buggy so its hard to say for sure)
Offense ATK/DEF - how much your ATK/DEF increase/decrease if you Attack *
Defeanse ATK/DEF - same as above when you're being attacked and you use that unit *
Dungeon ATK/DEF - again as above, but this time inside of a Dungeon *
* Value is from 0 to 9. Max being 9, a stats that will make you overpower. Setting it to 11 or more, it will be -1 or more ( 11=-1, 14=-4, 27=-17)
The last 4 are how many troops you have, and max, and their ATK/DEF.

Battle and Dungeon
Battle Turn - freeze for a Deathfight. If set to 0 the battle ends once the current turn is over
Battle upper limit - max number of Troops that can fight. Please note that in order for the leader to do damage ( like again demons), you need to you need to have at least 1 less troop number that the battle upper limit. If let's say the upper limit it's 600 ( city) and rance's Army is 1.000 and you fight against a demon unless you use Rance Attack, you won't ever do any damage to the Demon since Rance is left out until you have 599 or fewer troops.
Command in Battle: 0-manual;1-autoattack;2-autodefence (Might not work on first turn) - When you right click on one of your units, in battle, you can have them manually ( you give them to order directly) - 0, Autoattack - 1 (perfect if you want to speed conquer using speed hack plus attack command frozen to 1), 2 - auto attack. The auto command will not work on the first person, first round, if he/she acts first.
Battle Focuse (Wait command) 0 - no Focus, 1 - Focuse, 2 Focus for 2 turn etc (Might not work on first turn) - If Rance is your first person, and the value for troop 1 is set to at least 1, you can use Rance attack. And if Miki is the second person and troop 2 is at least 3, you can use each turn her nuke attack ( you need to right-click and select it just like with Rance attack) - value frozen of corse. Same as above, if Miki is the first to act, she won't be able to use her Nuke until the next turn. The order of act is determined but the troop number, lowest number act first and while the unit with the most troops will act last.
Current Dungeon Floor - if you set it too high, you can choose only to ascent
Bring Merim - 1; Don't - 0; Critical Condition - 2 - if kept on 1, even if you get a message about her being attack by monster, she still will be with you.
Vs Bunny - Endurance at Peach Paradise - in Peach Paradise ( dungeon?) you can play a mining game. After 4 round, you get items. after 6 you get another. After more than that, you just have a new record and that's it. Each 10 round, the bunnies reset so it goes on and one.

Fell free to tell me if you find any new code and I will update.
Please be aware, that by using some of the code, at the wrong time, might mess up the game pretty well.
If it's your first playthrough, the best is just to use whatever you understand and has you go on hand in hand with the Alicesoft Wiki or other guides, you will understand what all of the codes do.
Well, that said, the most fun I had was playing using only the Demon army event frozen ( making the game and eternal phase)Very Happy
Kichikuou Rance.CT
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