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Post by STN » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:11 pm

Made by Cielos

made a table for Republique.

Ignore Battery
- allows you to use hacks even when the phone has no battery left.
- battery would still reaches zero normally when you use hacks.

Inf. Item + Increase Stack Size
- quantity won't drop below 2 once hope obtained one.
- increase all obtained stackable item's stack size to 90

Senseless Guard
- guards won't see hope, won't hear hope, won't catch hope even if she bump into them.
- they would still throw bomb at hope if you're spotted by an AI Cam in Episode 5.

Disabled AI Cam Alarm
- the AI Cams in Episode 5 would still spot hope if she's standing in their line of sight, but the alarm won't be triggered.

Freeze AI Cam Timer
- freeze the timer of possessing the AI Cam in Episode 5.

plus some addresses/pointers.

- table make use of CE's Mono feature, scripts can be activated right away after you booted up the game.
- tested til Episode 5, probably won't have any updates to the table unless I find some bugs.
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