Kaeru nyo Panyon Cheat Engine

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Kaeru nyo Panyon Cheat Engine

Post by STN » Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:49 pm

Made by Psiho_c
This is a Cheat Engine made by me for the game Kaeru nyo Panyon English version.

Poron buffs - this is the first 3 out of 4 little Poron buttons that appear on the top left screen during a battle. You can check this one and the other 3 are automatically frozen.

Items - I made multiple categories in order to find more easy any item you're looking for. Alternatively, you can just click on any header, press enter, enter a number, and all items under that headers will have the same amount.

In Suff you will find:

Gold - max 65535

Rarestones/RareRare - Rarestones (name from Wiki) or RareRare (name from my game) are hidden items that you gen as a monster drop. Once you get 10 of one category, you will get a new GC. The best way is to set all 5 to 9 (nothing happens if set to 10 or more) and defeat monsters until you get 5 more stones (each one will give you a CG).

Level Up Points (max 65535) allocated to: *check box to expand the header* Whenever a character level up, you can allocate level up point to one of the stats. Changing any of the value from here will change the value of points allocated.

Complet mode max dungeon level (post game) - its related to a postgame dungeon. Point of interest are 100 and 334 ( <-last one).

Class ( set to 1 or more to appear) - checkbox and set any number to whichever class you wish to have. Alternatively, just press enter on this header, input number, enter again and you will have that amount of all classes.

Level up Points - CTRL+Space (anytime) to Un/Freeze - This is when someone levels up and the table were you can allocate points show up. CRTL+Space will Un/Freeze the value for infinite point use ( the Level Up Points from Stuff is way faster by the way) or changing the value will change how much the character has points to allocate.

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