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Oxenfree +2

Post by Cielos » Sun Mar 05, 2017 12:46 pm

re-post of the table I uploaded on the original forum. report if it's not working on the latest steam and I'll update it.
got a request, made a small table for Oxenfree.

the requested script is inf. dialogue timer, it'd be useful if you're replaying the game (most likely the case as it's been out for a year already.), as you've experienced what the developer designed for you, now you can choose your dialogue choice in your own pace, thus choose your ending much easier without worrying of making a wrong choice by mistake, or simply don't have enough time to choose.
enough said:

move speed mod
- when activated, allows you to use a mod key to control your moving behaviour.
- hold CapsLock to sprint.
- hold Middle Mouse Button to walk.
- hold Alt to slow walk.
- note that it doesn't work when the game is forcing you to walk, may look into it more later.

inf. dialoge timer
- the requested script. with this activated, as the timer won't ran out, you won't be forced to auto-choose silence response if waiting for too long.
- press TAB and Backspace together if you want to give a silence response.
- change the min % to a bigger value (suggested max limit is 100) if you don't like the dialogue box became faded a bit when you wait for too long.
- default min %: 25.

plus some pointers.
- table made and tested on the latest steam release (v.2.3.0f13 as of this table is upped).
- make sure you have at least the latest official CE version (v6.6 as of this table is upped).
+2, for v.2.3.0f13
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