Cosmic Star Heroine +3 Trainer

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Cosmic Star Heroine +3 Trainer

Post by tfigment » Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:11 am

This is a rather heavy weight "trainer" for CSH. I'm using this as a demonstration of the IronPython console.

This uses an IronPython plugin to create an in-game cheat menu to do the following:
  • Add Money
  • Double Game Speed
  • Cure All Party while in battle
General explanation of technique used:
Unity Hacking via Python

If you just want the python script and ini file and already have the UnityConsole plugin from github. (2 kB)

Otherwise you need everything which you can get in this package. (6.1 MB)

To Use:
  1. Unpack zip to game folder
  2. Drag game exe over IPA.exe to instrument plugins. (Modifies game dlls)
  3. Start CSH
  4. By default the cheat window is hidden. Press F4 key to show the cheat window in upper left corner. Press again to hide.
  5. You can then expand the buttons by selecting the Show toggle button
  6. Select the cheat you want to use from the menu
To remove:
Drag the game.exe onto IPA.exe while holding the Alt key or manually undo the IPA changes by reverting the change in CSH_Data\Managed by putting back the original files.

You can edit "Plugins\Console\Lib\" to add or change the existing cheats. You can reload cheats in the console via Ctrl+`(backquote) and then "import csh" the first time then "reload(csh); csh.enable_cheats()"

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