AC Syndicate: Timestop

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AC Syndicate: Timestop

Post by STN » Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:15 am

Updated 03-apr-2016:
Made by OtisInf
I updated the AOB version a bit, I added a 100ms delay between the time the engine ticker is frozen and the menu camera system is enabled, to avoid crashes of the game. It might still crash, though I haven't had a crash since I've used this delay. Hopefully it fixes it for you too!
Made by OtisInf
Updated 02-apr-2016:
I have added an AOB based timestop CT as well. This one scans all constants from the code, and in theory should also be usable with Unity, but haven't tested that (I don't have AC Unity). To use:
After loading the CT, toggle 'Enable' which will do some scans and should be enabled after that. Then simply use NUMPAD 0 to enable/disable freeze time/timestop. Leave the 'Enable' line enabled.

To try it on unity, open the <script> of the Enable line and change 'ACS.exe' into 'ACU.exe' (it's there 5 times I think). Again, not tested, so it might very well crash the game.

Updated 28-mar-2016:
To use: press NUMPAD0 to enable/disable freeze time. Time stops, cameras still work (including HattiWatti's free cam addin).

Warning: Don't trigger the freeze time during load, as it might crash your game. At least I had this once, so it might be related to this. I didn't have any crashes with normal in-game use.

Original post info
This is for the latest version of the game. I didn't use AOB scans but used the pointer in the code.

Background info regarding this hack:

For the people who are shocked by the misformed NPCs around you when you pan the camera: that's normal, all systems are halted due to this, except cameras Smile (So HattiWatti's freecamera still works). This means that things which were otherwise outside the visual frustum are now in-view and not updated so can be misformed. This is the same problem the freecam had in The Witcher3 when you froze time, and this isn't fixable, unless some subsystems are allowed to proceed. This is in theory doable, (see the gist above), as multiple processes check the same flag, but it will be complicated.
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