Edge of Space Early Access

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Edge of Space Early Access

Post by STN » Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:08 am

Made by justa_dude

Here's a little script that enables the dev commands in the early access Edge of Space game. The builds are rolling out relatively often and the game really isn't very good at this point, so I'm not sure I'll be updating the table. I mostly made it to test out the new script DB wrote and give a middle-finger to the prick devs who locked down the cheats and tried to hide everything w/ an obfuscator. Anyway, once you activate the cheat the following commands become available:

/giveitem [name] [charges?] [give_charges_flag?]
/deploy [id]
/npc (cycle through npcs?)
/call (summon target of last npc command?)
/learn [schematic name]
/dialog [dialog id]
/effect [effect id]
/spawn [creature] [by_id_flag?
/craft [schematic name]
/port [x][y]
/loadworld [worldname]
/createworld [worldname?]
/createsavedworld [worldname?]
/saveworld [worldname?]
/reload XXX?
/attr [attr][newvalue_optional]
/event [eventname?]
/upgrade XXX
Press f1/f2 to mod water behavior(?)
f9 to open a debug gui (?)
f11 to enable a light hack & flashlight cheat
press y to enable the placeable (sic) editor (?)
all tooltips now include GUIDs for /giveitem
adds a server selection dialog to main menu (?)

The arguments with the question marks are cases where I'm not quite sure exactly what format the arguments are supposed to be in - I haven't experimented to figure it out.

Edge of Space.ct
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