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Post by STN » Sun Apr 16, 2017 5:05 pm

Made by cooleko

When in the camp screen, the first script will allow you to change the currently equiped weapon to 99 mag size and ammo, simply activate and select weapon, then select another square, then select weapon again.

The second script allows you to parse the mats, tools, and food data, but wont update until changed in game.

The party tab loads the first three teammates (I think you can only have 3, didnt play long enough to find out)

You can set each person's stats, the only character without a good name is the player character, and they are student (i think), might always be p1

If you want to add any other cheats (items available, non teammate player stats, etc) then you should open up the initialize camp address capturing instruction, pop it into structure dissector with mono features enabled, and you can see much more than i added to table.
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