I am Setsuna

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I am Setsuna

Post by STN » Sun Apr 16, 2017 5:01 pm

Made by cooleko

There was an error in ally detection of the original script, (I didnt have any allies when i wrote it). I have changed the detection, it works now. If you downloaded it, please use the newer version (attached).

Added instant fill atb gauge on battle start
added quick fill atb gauge after your first attack
added accuracy, dodge to 100%
added all resits and immunity timers to max

added save from anywhere script, step on a save point once to trigger

Upgraded drop list to include link, momentum, and status kills (Thanks PanRaven)

Set HP to 999
Set MP to 999
Always crit
always get all drops
one hit kills
Set game time
Set money
Set all items to 99
Edit first item in inventory (if you sort, will usually be the potion)
Item Codes:

1001 - potion
1002 - mid-potion
1003 - hi-potion
1004 - ether
4011 - starry will

I didnt bother looking for more codes. Someone will eventually publish an item list on the internet
Increase movement speed to w/e you want, I added a script that will just double everything
Game code appears to have fall damage, I simply added the memory address from which it is calculated. You can freeze it to zero (presumably) to never take fall damage

You can edit lots more with this game, Every item in your inventory is editable, I only added the first one because I'm lazy, if you pop open the script, search for the AOB, or activate the script and search for memory address "SaveGameState" follow the jump and see what mov eax,[eax+000000D0] accesses, you can easily find the structure for all items in your inventory (activate mono features)

For some reason, my auto-unfreeze-script code isnt working. If you know why, please share:

MR=al.getMemoryRecordByDescription("Set Items to 99")

The game has so much to edit, that I decided to post what I had now before looking into further fun edits.

If you dont like the drop modification code, simply comment out line 39 of the Lua Cheat Table with a --
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Re: I am Setsuna

Post by jpgilyard » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:10 am


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