Fight The Dragon Steam v1.09,build 8.4 (newest as of 7/27/15

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Fight The Dragon Steam v1.09,build 8.4 (newest as of 7/27/15

Post by STN » Sun Apr 16, 2017 4:28 pm

Made by justa_dude

Here's a table for the charming Little Big Planet clone, Fight the Dragon. The table uses CE's Mono features, so be sure to click the Mono->activate menu option in CE before enabling the cheats. Included cheats are:

godmode - stamina and mana stay full, most damage sources are negated
earn 16x xp - just like it sounds, each time experience points are awarded, you get bonus.
earn bonus gold - every time you pickup gold, you get bonus gold.
earn stat points instead of xp - you earn 10 stat points every time you kill a mob
1 stat point = 100 - spending one stat point causes the stat to increase by 100 instead of one.
structures - enable script, then go back into game and bring up the inventory/stat menu to expose lots of variables, including weapon damage, level requirements, value, etc.
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