Ys: The Oath in Felghana +4 (table update1)

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Ys: The Oath in Felghana +4 (table update1)

Post by STN » Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:30 am

damn, game's using another code to deal with the damage in lava, you'd still be dead in lava with Undead on.
now fixed.

Made by Cielos

it's for the English version, ported by XSEED, not the original released so many years ago.
most of the addresses are static, writing scripts for this game seems redundant... but since I made it, might as well post it here.

table contains 4 scripts and a bunch of static addresses.

- Undead
HP still drops but hero won't die. plus hero won't be one hit kill even if the enemy's attack is greater than your max HP. (not that I encounter this ever...)
- Inf. MP
- Inf. $
- Inf. Raval Ore
still drops if you sell them.

static addresses:
- max HP
- HP
- max MP
- MP
- Exp
- $
- Raval Ore

- scripts have AOB scan, should work on most versions.
- made using ysf_win_dx9.exe, not sure if it works on ysf_win.exe

The only scripts I can get working are inf $ and inf raval.
Undead and Inf MP scripts won't even activate.
All the statics are also wrong too.

I'm using the ysf_win_dx9.exe, so I don't get why they won't work.

I managed to find alternate static addresses for stats.

Here's my alternate statics, just merge them with Cielos' table.

The code that heals you when checking the menu changes your current/max hp temporarily(also refills it to that point) when switching magic in battle for some reason, but your life is restored to full/normal when you use magic. Setting it 1 lower than your max HP won't make it that noticeable, but the effect will still work.

None of these are currently in the table
00566960 (ysf_win_dx9.exe+166960), Byte = Number of Katol Elixirs

Leave menu to add items
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC790, Array of Bytes = Storehouse Key
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC794, Array of Bytes = Ruins Key
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC798, Array of Bytes = Silver Pendant
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC79C, Array of Bytes = Clocktower Key
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7A0, Array of Bytes = Map of Felghana(works)
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7A4, Array of Bytes = Wing Talisman(works)
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7A8, Array of Bytes = Brocia Serum(works)
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7AC, Array of Bytes = Bob's Pendant
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7B0, Array of Bytes = Mission Tablet
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7B4, Array of Bytes = Holy Cross
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7B8, Array of Bytes = Organ Pipe
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7BC, Array of Bytes = Ivory Key
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7C0, Array of Bytes = Moonstar statue
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7C4, Array of Bytes = Sunset statue
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7C8, Array of Bytes = Darkness statue
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7CC, Array of Bytes = Light statue
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7E0, Array of Bytes = Illusion Mirror(works)
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7E4, Array of Bytes = Amulet(works)
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7E8, Array of Bytes = Berm Leaves
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7EC, Array of Bytes = Katol Elixirs(works)
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7F0, Array of Bytes = Jade Ring
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7F4, Array of Bytes = Talisman of War
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7F8, Array of Bytes = Augite Brooch
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC7FC, Array of Bytes = Lotus Hammer
00 00 00 00 = None left, but had it
01 00 00 00 = Have 1 of item
02 00 00 00 = Have 2 of item
03 00 00 00 = Have 3 of item
FF FF FF FF= don't have it yet
Most of these items don't work when added this way, but items you use from the menu do work.

Note: if you give yourself brocia serum early set it back to FF FF FF FF after using it, or it won't properly appear later
Made by Chaos0915
Weapons & Armor:
FFFFFFFF = weapon not found yet, 01000000 = Weapon found
Won't appear in chests if you have them.
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC6F0, Array of Bytes(4) = Short Sword
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC6F4, Array of Bytes(4) = Long Sword
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC6F8, Array of Bytes(4) = Broad Sword
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC6FC, Array of Bytes(4) = Banded Sword
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC700, Array of Bytes(4) = Battle Sword
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC704, Array of Bytes(4) = Brave Sword(best sword)

ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC71C, Array of Bytes(4) = Raval Shield(best shield)
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC734, Array of Bytes(4) = Raval Armor(best armor)

ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC738, Array of Bytes(4) = Firewyrm's Amulet
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC73C, Array of Bytes(4) = Nightfire Gem
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC740, Array of Bytes(4) = Stone Shoes
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC744, Array of Bytes(4) = Spirit Cape
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC748, Array of Bytes(4) = Silver Chimes
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC74C, Array of Bytes(4) = Spirit Necklace

These only work whenever the bonuses are activated in battle.
i haven't found the bonus timers yet, which would enable the bonuses all the time.

ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC6D4, Float = MP speed
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC6D8, Float = STR Add +
ysf_win_dx9.exe+1AC6DC, Float = DEF Add +

ysf_win_dx9.exe+1ACF6C, 4 Bytes = Number of hits, effects exp multiplier(1 hit = +0.01)), can go past 99 hit limit. Don't set too high, it overlaps.

---I plan to convert these into a table later.---
Alternate statics, Aspect Ratio Fix, A static address that can hurt or heal you if you check the menu.
-Items (only the ones I know work correctly)
-Equipment(currently only the best)
-Bonus Multipliers
(30.18 KiB) Downloaded 596 times
(14.92 KiB) Downloaded 557 times

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Re: Ys: The Oath in Felghana +4 (table update1)

Post by soprano1 » Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:59 am

Thanks for this table. I hope you can make more for the other Ys games on PC.

What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Ys: The Oath in Felghana +4 (table update1)

Post by steerpike242 » Sat Feb 16, 2019 7:21 pm

Was there an updated table made for the steam version as these tables crash the game.

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