Pineview Drive

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Pineview Drive

Post by STN » Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:20 pm

Unlimited Health
Unlimited Matches
Unlimited Batteries
Unlimited Flashlight energy

Using aobscan.

thank you very much for your modification. I think it is a must-have, because the game is too dark for me and I need more light or infinite batteries!

But the problem is this doesn't work for me. I copied the file in the folder where the exe is. Or what exactly must I do? I'm playing version 1.5.

Please help me.

And an other thing is that I think we should improve this project. Is it possible to add these cheats permanently into the exe using a hex editor?

My suggestions for the mod:
- Longer battery life time (10x)
- Remove pitch-black by increase ambient light
- Disable subtitles

Let me explain why this mod should only featuring this 3 things:
When battery life time is 10-times longer, it is almost arealistic and we can let the amount of batteries as it is instead to make everything unlimited. And with a longer life-time we should have enough light to explore the environments. And with decent increased ambient light you also should be able to see where you are at dark nights. Actually the game is pitch-black and you won't see anything. That's really frustrating and doesn't cause more horror!!! For example when ambient light is 0.0, tweak it to 0.2.
And due to fully synchronized voices, the subtitles are not needed at all Even the not spoken subtitles are just needless hints like "The door is locked, you need to find the key." Nobody needs that.

If that's possible, it would be great to make such a mod.
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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Pineview Drive

Post by argv[0] » Tue Feb 05, 2019 4:49 pm

I made this table for version 2.0, there is note inside table, that it is for 2.0/4.6.0-Steam =)
here is table for version 1.5
for version 1.5
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