Dead Effect 2

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Dead Effect 2

Post by STN » Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:15 pm

Fairly decent and fun zombie shooter - the story part of it anyway because the rest of the game is very repetitive and hence, boring.
Dunno why noone picked it up before...
Made by Csimbi
Here are a bunch of scripts (did not bother much with merging stuff).

Some scripts must be enabled before the game launches, others when their code has been generated in-game after first use.

In general, you'll get:
- no reload (tons of fun with sawed off shotgun and grenade launcher),
- no accuracy penalty (some small random spread remains),
- free unlocks,
- free upgrades,
- get money on reskill (instead of take),
- infinite health (some excessive damage types can still kill you); just ignore health meter
- infinite stamina
- infinite power
- min. credits on buy (credits get updated when you buy something).

Done with the game, no further support until a major DLC comes along.
Take it or leave it.
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