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MechCommander Gold

Post by STN » Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:06 pm

What a great game this still is.
Made by Csimbi
I made a trainer for it a long time ago.
I pulled it out, turned it into a cheat table and improved it a bit.

There's a single AOB script included, which will provide you with the following:
- Minimum credits; no comment.
- Super pilot; it nearly maxes out a pilot's skills when hold ALT while you add him/her to a mech.
- Infinite Mech Equipment; disables the weight limits so you can install any number of components on any mech.
- Infinite Equipment; so you can install any number of components as long as you have at least one.
- Mech hardener; if you're holding CTRL while you're in the Mech Bay and you click on a mech, its armor will be boosted to that ~3x of an Atlas. No visible change (unless it was damaged), but you will notice the change when you take it to combat the next time: it will take much harder punishment. This goes into the save - meaning that there's no way to restore a hardened mech to normal.
- Drop any weight; So you can go into a mission with any total drop weight - as long as you have the free slots, of course.
- Friendly damage mod; Scales damage dealt to units on the same team; set to 0 for god mode. For armour only.
- Non-friendly damage mod; Scales damage dealt to units not on the same team; set to 100 for instant kills. For armour only.

I don't think I'll be adding more. Moving onto MC2.

Should you chose to play this game, you can add a nice HD effect to the combat by following the guide below. I wrote it to myself to capture it, I thought I'd add it here.

MC Gold includes a few high resolutions, natively.
If you don't want to use magicX's patched binaries for some reason, read on.
Original description and screenshots:

1. Open prefs.cfg in a text editor. pref.cfg is located in the root directory of your MCX installation (e.g. C:\Program Files\MCX\prefs.cfg)

2. Set resolution=3 to change resolution to 1280×1024. On the line before "FITend" add the following (if you don't have it already): l Resolution=3
Different numbers here represent the different available resolutions:
0 -> 640x480
1 -> 800x600
2 -> 1024x768
3 -> 1280x1024
Note - This will only affect your in-game resolution. The menu resolution will remain unchanged!
Note - Setting the resolution higher than what is supported by your monitor will cause the game to crash!
When done, make prefs.cfg read-only (or else the setting will revert).

3. (Optional) Increase the in game zoom level. Now that you're got a larger resolution you could optionally zoom in as you should have a much larger view area. To do this, while in a mission press ‘+‘ to get a zoomed in view. You can now use this view to play the game as the large resolution combined with the zoom will allow you to see roughly the same amount of mission area as you could before but with much more detail.

I used 1024x768:

b PaletteCycle=FALSE
b DirectDraw=FALSE
b Use90Pixel=TRUE
b Force45Pixel=FALSE
b Force16Mb=FALSE
b Force32Mb=TRUE
l Difficulty=1
l Brightness=1
l MusicVolume=0
l RadioVolume=70
l SFXVolume=70
l Resolution=2

Note: the game will crash when you scroll around with the mouse near the edges. Either scroll with the cursor keys, or click on the mini-map instead.
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