System Shock: Enhanced Edition

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System Shock: Enhanced Edition

Post by STN » Sat Apr 15, 2017 5:40 pm

Made by Csimbi

I don't have the game on Steam; this is intended to fill the request posted about the Steam release here.
It might work.

I looked into the health only, but I suspect energy follows the same principles.
Health is a single byte and if you search long enough, you will find the value twice.
Once in raw format for display purposes, and a second time for internal purposes. The latter one is a calculated value so it's not that obvious.
The build seems to be pretty static for both the memory and the code locations.
You will find the addresses in the table for the displayed values and the encoded one, plus a bunch of code points.
I also added an AOB script to zero out damage - this might work on the Steam release as well.

If the script does not work on the Steam build, try finding the raw value.
The raw value is verified vs. the encoded value tons every second, so it will lead you there if you want to follow it.
Once there, see what writes the encoded health when you take damage, and then look for a check on the damage value a few lines above.

Good luck!
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