Final Fantasy IV - The After Years +8 (table Update1.1)

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Final Fantasy IV - The After Years +8 (table Update1.1)

Post by STN » Sat Apr 15, 2017 5:36 pm

Made by Cielos

made a table for Final Fantasy IV - The After Years

- added Save Anywhere
- added pointers to the character [Actions] (the actions you can choose from in battle, e.g., Attack, Cover, White, Black...etc)
- updated the Enable script, the party's pointer assigning process is more reliable now, and fixed a rare potential crash upon battle start.
- updated the Add New Item script, added a check to prevent the quantity from exceeding 99. also, fetching from another pointer base to increase reliability.
- added Ignore MP
- added No Random Battle
- added Add New Item
- updated the character ID list.


- party HP would still decrease when being hit but won't be killed.

Ignore MP
- can cast magic / use bands with zero MP.
- MP would still drops and reaches zero normally as you use magic / bands.

Combat Gauge Speed Multiplier
- default multiplier: x4

Cast Speed Multiplier
- default multiplier: x4

EXP Multiplier
- default multiplier: x4
- note that the onscreen display of the exp gained won't show the multiplied value, as the multiplier is applied when it's being distributed to the individual characters.

No Random Battle
- press B to Instant Battle.

Add New Item
- the item list is messy, remember to share if you did categorize the. you may still key-in the ID manually instead.
- the script would just skip the adding process if leave the ID / Quantity at zero.
1. load a save game / continue / start a new game.
2. choose an item from New Item, or enter an ID manually.
3. enter how many of the item you want to add into Quantity
4. press Alt I any time (you can press Alt I even if you're not alt-tab back to the game actually) to add the item to your inventory. if you already have the item in your inventory already, the script would add to that item stack instead of adding a new slot for it.

Save Anywhere
- save anywhere...



Highlighted Item and its Quantity
- you may change the item using the dropdown list.
- not much items in the dropdown list now. feel free to share the IDs you found and I'll add them in later.
- note that the game would crash if the game doesn't recognize the ID you entered, so if you're trying to fill the ID list by testing out some unknown IDs manually, make sure you saved your game first.

- you can choose to view/edit different character's info by selecting the characters from the dropdown list.
- if the values are ??, get in-game and make sure you can walk around first.
Level and EXP

HP and its Max, and MP and its Max, Strength, Speed, Stamina, Intellect, and Spirit

- set 0 to remove, 1 to add.

- there are 6 actions for each character.
- the action list is far from complete now, feel free to share the IDs as you find more.

the Type of the 2 Magic Tab

the Magic Slots of White Magic and Black Magic
- drop down list are prepared, it's quite messy though, remember to share if you categorize them.
- you can add any magic into any magic type. e.g., you can add thunder in the the white magic list and the character can cast this black magic via the white magic list in battle.

- you can customize all 5 equipments here, dropdown list are prepared for each equipment.


- scripts made with AOB scans, should work on most game versions.
- item IDs and Magic IDs are found by Shinkansen. I only included them in my table, with permission.
- one or two of the items would crash the game when you try to view the inventory after you added /swapped them into the inventory. but I forgot to make a list of these items. please share if you find them.
- updates (if any) will be slow.
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