BoneTown v1.1.1.0 +60

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BoneTown v1.1.1.0 +60

Post by STN » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:09 am

Made by Abystus

BoneTown v1.1.1.0 (May work with other versions due to AOBScan method used.)


Player Attributes :
- Base Address
- Health
- Money
- Fighting Power
- Base Ball Size
- Ball Size
- Gender Structure
- Moveset Modifier
- Stamina Bar
- Female Orgasm Bar
- Movement Speed
- X Position
- Y Position
- Z Position
- H. Rotation
- Transform Target
- NPC Flag
- Targeted Unit

Target Attributes :
- Base Address
- Health
- Money
- Fighting Power
- Base Ball Size
- Ball Size
- Gender Structure
- Gender Flag
- Moveset Modifier
- Movement Speed
- X Position
- Y Position
- Z Position
- H. Rotation
- Transform Target
- NPC Flag
- Targeted Unit
- Aggressive Towards Unit

Items :
- Beer
- Whiskey
- Weed
- Mushroom
- Peyote
- Toad
- Crack

Scripts :
- Untouchable
- One Hit Knockouts
- Super Speed
- Infinite Breath
- Attacked Women Still Flirt
- Steal Identity Without Knockout
- Always Have Toad Effect
- All Women Want You
- All Men Beg Nearby Women For Fellatio
- All Purchases Are Free
- Hold Jump to Rise
- Weapon/Sex Notifications When Near
- Freeze All NPCs
- Women Can Be Knocked Out
- Instant Female Orgasm
- Men Run From Fights Like Women
- Attack Non Attack-ables
- NPCs Can Attack One Another
- Enemies Hit Themselves
- NPC Vac
-> Set Position
-> Enable Vac Men
-> Enable Vac Women
-> Enable Vac All NPCs

- Completely immune to all attacks.

One Hit Knockouts
- Knock anyone out with a single blow.

Super Speed (Faster than crack.)
- You gain super movement speed (awesome when used with the levitation code). This cheat will make you run faster than even the speed you gain while on crack.

Infinite Breath
- Allows the player to walk underwater without the worry of drowning.

Attacked Women Still Flirt
- Women will still respond normally to sexual requests after being attacked (you may have to chase them down as they like to run).

Steal Identity Without Knockout *NOTE* This will disable all target info displayed and access to flirt mechanics while active.
- Allows the player to steal the identity of their closest target regardless of knockout status. Stealing the identity of a woman will cause graphical glitches, but can be remedied by stealing the identity of a man.

Always Have Toad Effect (You will look normal.)
- Walk into NPC's to damage them (basically having toad activated all the time).

All Women Want You (Regardless of ball size.)
- Removes check for ball size. All women will agree to any request you offer them.

All Men Beg Nearby Women For Fellatio
- All men (and sometimes agents) will beg women in flirt distance for Fellatio. They will follow them to the end of the earth, and will be relentless to succeed. The problem is, if they succeed the game will crash as it is not designed to handle this action. I have altered the routine to make their attempts always fail to prevent any crashes associated with this action. The script will correctly handle the player action as it normally would.

All Purchases Are Free (Regardless of money.)
- You will be able to buy anything with any amount of money, and your money will not be reduced after purchase.

Hold Jump to Rise (Release to fall.)
- Basically a levitation code that allows you to explore to your heart's content. As long as you hold the jump button you will rise. Release to come back down to earth. You can move around while levitating as one would expect.

Weapon/Sex Notifications When Near
- Icons will appear for weapons in the current area without having to be near them. You will not be able to collect them from a distance, but you will at least have some notification that the weapon is near you. Sex icons will appear for women in the direction you are facing (fanning out from your facing direction). You will not be able to interact with women from a distance, and are still required to walk to them. Men between you and women may interfere with the code's ability to detect them.

Freeze All NPCs
- Halts all NPC action in the area, and makes them stop what they are doing and stand completely upright. You can still interact with them, fight them (they wont fight back), sex them, etc... Does not affect sex models, or other cinematic models that are scripted. NPCs will not automatically return to their original activities when the cheat is disabled. To reload them, disable the cheat, leave and return to that area.

Women Can Be Knocked Out (Attack-able only.)
- Normally you can hit them, but never knock them out. They will stand completely still when knocked out. You can steal their identity, but it will severely glitch your character's model as it isn't suppose to happen. The problem can be resolved by stealing the identity of a male character afterwards. This cheat only works on women that you can normally strike, and won't on the girls in bars or other similar indoor locations.

Instant Female Orgasm (Do not use on tutorial!)
- Instantly maxes out the female orgasm bar. Disable when ready to "finish" up. Do not use this on the tutorial with Candi as it will make certain tutorial on screen elements stay after the tutorial is completed.

Men Run From Fights Like Women
- Makes the men run away when struck like the women do. They can still be knocked out just like normal, but they will never fight back.

Attack Non Attack-ables (Even in Fantasy mode.)
- Makes it so that you can attack non attack-able type npcs like bartenders, vendors, girls in clubs, etc... You can even attack people in the Fantasy mode.

NPCs Can Attack One Another
- Makes NPC attacks able to hit other NPCs (normally their attacks can only hit the player). For best results aggro an NPC, then proceed to stand next to other idle NPCs to see all out war breakout between them. Very entertaining to watch as they fight to the death and possibly pull other NPCs into the fight by accident.

Enemies Hit Themselves
- When enemies attack you or anyone else they will damage themselves. They will also suffer knockback due to the damage dealt.

- Allows the player to move all NPCs to a defined spot based on player positioning, and hold them there until released. Only one vac type can be active at any given time.

[Vac Hotkeys]:
|- Numpad 0 - Set Vac Position
|- Numpad 1 - Enable/Disable Vac Men
|- Numpad 2 - Enable/Disable Vac Women
|- Numpad 3 - Enable/Disable Vac All NPCs
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