The Forest V0.04B +12 CT - (Health Mod, Auto Build and more...)

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The Forest V0.04B +12 CT - (Health Mod, Auto Build and more...)

Post by STN » Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:17 pm

Here is my Cheat Table for The Forest, I don't think I will add anything more and the AoB Scans should keep it updated, but I will keep coming here for some time to see how things are going. Feedbacks are much appreciated. Please feel free to take it and edit it as you want.

Made by redleouf

Please read carefully my instructions if you want this to work properly. Also, be patient when you are ticking the scripts because it use AoB scan, so it can take a few seconds to actually tick the box. (CE should freeze for a few seconds)

Features :
- Health Mod
- Infinite Sprint
- Infinite Stamina
- No Hunger
- Auto Build
- Infinite Armor
- Infinite Ammo for the flare gun
- Infinite Flashlight
- One Hit Kill
- Infinite Items
- Infinite Molotov
- Infinite Flares

Working with the official Steam release V0.04B

Concerning the God Mod :
God Mod is now just one script, and it makes you fully invincible to everything. (at least it should) To activate it you must first take some damage, by walking into a fire for example. Then, reduce your game and tick the box. Back into the game you should be invincible.

Concerning the Auto Build :
Auto Build is now just one script for all the materials. Place something that requires STICKS (like a classic shelter for example or a fire), stand in front of it while it is in "ghost mod" so you can see the red icon telling you you miss some objects. Reduce your game and tick the Auto Build script. Go back into your game and everything you place should construct by itself now. If you can't tick the box or if things doesn't construct them self, try to move around them and mess with them, it should fix the problem.

Concerning the Infinite Molotov :
Molotovs still decrease when you pick one from the inv, but then when it is in your hand you can throw as many as you want to.
Be careful when you switch for something else in your inv because the molotov will drop to your feet, I suggest changing your gear while walking backward to prevent burning yourself.

Concerning the One Hit Kill :
One Hit Kill can only be activated once an enemy have spawned, so be sure to see an enemy running around before activate it.

Concerning the Infinite Flares, Molotov and Ammo :
In order to activate Infinite Flares/Molotov and Ammo, you must use the item once first. Example, if you want Infinite Molotov, you need to throw one first, then activate the script. Same for the others.

Concerning the Infinite Flashlight :
You must have the flashlight in your hand to activate Infinite Flashlight.

Concerning the Infinite Items :
Infinite Items basically change every numbers of the game to 1337, it still makes you have infinite items though. So just deal with it, it is just me being lazy and don't want to do a proper Infinite Items :p

For the people still having troubles with getting this working. I suggest you check out the step by step solution in page 3 made by twiztid. Thanks to him for that and his feedbacks.

And here is a video tutorial made by him just in case :

Known bugs :
- Sometimes disabling Infinite Sprint can crash the game if No Hunger or Infinite Stamina is active. I don't know why.
- Sometimes stamina is full but after a bit of time you stop sprinting like you would in a normal game...alt tab to CE and unclick and reclick sprint to fix
- For the Auto Build, if you laid bluepprint on see the "E" because you have some of the supplies it will not work...choose something that you do not have the supplies for on 1st build

I want to thanks Dark Byte for helping me fixing one of my problem, Jack O'neill for helping test all the scripts and Twiztid for his awesome feedbacks!
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