Farcry 3 Uplay 1.05 DirectX 11 version

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Farcry 3 Uplay 1.05 DirectX 11 version

Post by STN » Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:09 pm

Made by satanrules666

So Until someone can help me here I an unable to put all the cheats into one table. Ive looked and I'm sure there used to be a tutorial for it somewhere on here I cannot find it anymore.

So for now this will have to do.

Everything should work.

The pointer for Grenades is a bit weird but throw a grenade and it should show the correct value.

In fact it will be interesting to know if all my pointers from those scans worked. While my CPU the Intel i7 3820K while good on 32 bit games when it comes to my other table for farcry 4 all the pointers shift in fact most of the data shifts around in the game so that when you even need to compare an address to something its hard to find one that doesn't change. I found 14 billion pointers on my scan of Farcry 4 and well rescaning those forget it.

Hopefully the new Distribed Pointer Scan will be better with the next release it sounds like it will be not to be a neigh sayer its awesome at the moment but needs an easier rescan function. Though I know Darkbyte will work something out.

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