Dishonored - Brigmore Witches +? (Update3)

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Dishonored - Brigmore Witches +? (Update3)

Post by STN » Fri Apr 14, 2017 4:07 pm

Made by Cielos

updated the table for the patched game for Brigmore Witches DLC.
mainly updating some of the AOB scans. some registers and offsets are changed.
plus replaced all the globalalloc with good old label.


- Added Blink Instant Cooldown.
- Added World Speed Mod Alt.
- Updated Perfect Mission Stats. it didn't cover Alarm Raised. fixed now.
- I'm not sure if this table is +15 or +16 or +17...., it doesn't matter to me anyway... changed the title from +14 to +?
- Added checking to prevent crash when using Caught Precaution with out activating World Speed Mod.
- Changed Caught Precaution and Complete Stealth Sneaking from value activation to script activation.
- Added 3 Blink scripts: Blink Distance increased, Blink Height increased and Blink Moving Speed multiplier
- Inf. Mana's AOB scan was defected. fixed now.
- Added Perfect Mission Stats script


- Inf. Health
you may set the minimum percent of health allowed via the table.
set to 0 to disable, set 100 to stay full.
default: 20%

- Inf. Mana
makes every Power's Mana usage the same (30), which allows you the opportunity to use the mana potion while you still won't used up Mana.

- Inf. Air
Air level still drops but you won't run out of air.

- Blink Instant Cooldown
you may cast another blink immediately. release the right-mouse button while HOLDING F key if you want to cancel blink.

- Blink Distance increased and Blink Height increased
with this 2 scripts activated, you may blink to almost anywhere you want even if it's almost 90 degrees above you.

- Blink Moving Speed multiplier
with the above 2 scripts activated, you may find the blink too slow.
with this script, you may blink faster.
default multiplier: x4

- Inf. Dark Vision Duration

- Inf. Possession Duration (by HiSaZuL)

- Prolong Bend Time Duration
increase the duration of Bend Time from 8 seconds to 5 hours

- Execute Blood Thirsty
press & hold Ctrl allows you to use Blood Thirsty's instant kill.
works only on Blood Thirsty level 2.

- Inf. Ammo / Grenades
not including traps.

- Inf. Ammo Clip
i.e. no reload.
stops decreasing at 1.

- Inf. Potions
stops decreasing at 1.

- Inf. Resources
including Golds, Runes, Rewire Tools, etc.
won't affect blueprints.
so that means free shopping and upgrading equipments / powers, and ....rewiring.

- World Speed Mod / World Speed Mod Alt
*the functions of this two scripts are exactly the same. if World Speed Mod freezes your game, use World Speed Mod Alt instead.

press G to toggle World Speed between normal (1.0) and the Mod Speed (Default 0.0)

both World Speed and Mod Speed can be changed manually via the table.
0 means stop time, 0.5 means half of the normal speed, 1.0 means normal speed, and 2.0 means double speed.

you may choose to press these hot keys in-game instead to set World Speed immediately (without pressing G to toggle):
Shift [ = 0.5
Shift ] = 0.25
Shift \ = 0
Enter = 1.0

you may choose to press these hot keys in-game instead to set Mod Speed (for speed toggle by pressing G):
Alt [ = 0.5
Alt ] = 0.25
Alt \ = 0

- Stealth Mod
you may set the Max Enemies' Awareness via the table.
value range from 0 to 4, you may change them in-game by pressing Alt + numpad 0 to Alt numpad 4.
0 means no one notices you, i.e. full stealth; 4 means the enemies are attacking you, i.e. stealth mod off.
default: 4

when press B to calm the enemies is activated, B to calm the enemies and they will stop trying to find you.

when Caught Precaution is activated, whenever someone (guards/civilians/allies, anyone) is about to spot you, it will stops the time and you're free to find somewhere to hide before you set the world speed to normal again.
you NEED TO ACTIVATE World Speed Mod or World Speed Mod Alt TO USE THIS OPTION.
this option will have no effect if Max Enemies' Awareness is set to a value lower than 4.
press and hold Y to temporarily disable this option when, for example, you want to talk to someone without deactivating Caught Precaution
can be activate/deactivate in-game by pressing alt +/- (not on keypad)

when Complete Stealth Sneaking is activated, you'll have complete stealth when sneaking no matter what value you set for Max Enemies' Awareness.
can be activate/deactivate in-game by pressing shift +/- (not on keypad)

- bypass max limit when picking up items
you may need to grab a flying bullet/bolt (when time stopped) once before you can activate this script,
or you can always ignore this script...

- Perfect Mission Stats
basically it gives you a low chaos level, no killings, and ghost no matter how you play a mission.
in details, when this script is activated, your mission stats would be as follows:
Hostiles Killed - 0
Civilians Killed - 0
Alarms Rung - 0
Dead or Unconscious Bodies Found - 0
Overall Chaos (Current Total) - Low
Didn't Kill Anyone - Tick
Ghost (Never Detected) - Tick, go start killing anything in your way~


- Health, max Health, Mana, max Mana, Air, max Air, Adrenaline and sneak flag (reference only).
max value of Adrenaline is 200
- Ammo includes Current Ammo using, (max) Regular Bullet, (max) Explosive Bullet, (max) Crossbow Bolt, (max) Sleep Dart, (max) Incendiary Bolt, (max) Springrazor, (max) Grenade and (max) Sticky Grenade
you need to ready a weapon with ammo once after enabling the table.
- Resources Slot 01 to Resources Slot 20 (if you want more, you may examine the pointers and add them yourself, you can add slots up to 128)
you need to access Inventory once after enabling the table.
the Health potion and Mana potion doesn't count.
it'd be easier to explain with examples:
if you have no runes, 2 Rewire Tools, 1200 Gold, and 3 Health potions, then
Resources Slot 1 would show the value of Rewire Tool: 2
Resources Slot 2 would show the value of Gold: 1200
Resources Slot 3 through Resources Slot 20 would either show "??" or a random number, as Health potions and Mana potions don't count as an Resources Slot
if you have 3 blueprints, 4 runes, 5 Rewire Tools, and 30 Gold, then
Resources Slot 1 would show the value of the 1st blueprint: 1
Resources Slot 2 would show the value of the 2nd blueprint: 1
Resources Slot 3 would show the value of the 3rd blueprint: 1
Resources Slot 4 would show the value of Runes: 4
Resources Slot 5 would show the value of Rewire Tool: 5
Resources Slot 6 would show the value of Gold: 30
Resources Slot 7 through Resources Slot 20 would either show "??" or a random number
- Sokolov's Health Elixir and Piero's Spiritual Remedy
you need to access Inventory once after enabling the table.


- check this post if you want a table for the original release, this table is updated from that table.
- with AOB scan. but you still need to have the exe that can run the Brigmore Witches DLC for this table to work.
- the array of bytes of aobscan "enableAOB1", "enableAOB2" and "infhealthAOB1" were straight from the findings of apocalypticx's table.
- Inf. Possession Duration is made by HiSaZuL
- Prolong Bend Time Duration is made with the reference of HiSaZuL's findings.
- if you can't activate the enable script, try open the inventory menu once in-game, then activate the enable script again.
- if you have Caught Precaution (under Stealth Mod) activated, and the game seems freezes upon new level loaded, press G while holding Y to proceed.
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Re: Dishonored - Brigmore Witches +? (Update3)

Post by Shadow_Wulfe » Tue Oct 24, 2017 2:45 am

Any way to update the perfect stats mod?

Have a bizarre glitch in High Overseer Campbell where opening a gate early in the mission voids the Ghost achievement.

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