Consuming Shadow : Insanity Edition - Steam

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Consuming Shadow : Insanity Edition - Steam

Post by STN » Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:33 pm

Made by Seneekikaant

I made this table as a request for a friend, there really wasn't too much I could do because pretty much everything ran through a single instruction and it was way too hard trying to find a unique value at an offset when there's over 1000 values being accessed all at once.


attach cheat engine to conshadow_steam.exe
Go to your car and press F4
When pointers are filled, press F4 again to turn the script off, it will crash the game anywhere else, most likely

There are also some pointers which may or may not work for you for the time, and if the script doesn't work, you may have had to have completed the game at least once. I remember it being a pain in the butt and I worked on it without having any completions and everything worked perfect for me but not for my friend and I can't remember if I fixed that issue or not and had it working for new games as well as any second or higher run through.
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