TimeShift v1.02 +5 Cheat Table

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TimeShift v1.02 +5 Cheat Table

Post by STN » Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:32 pm

Made by DaHacker878

Here is my Table for TimeShift. It has Infinite Health, Infinite Time Suit Power, Infinite Ammo for All Weapons [Includes Grenades] (no Reloading or having 0 Spare Clips, in Clip and Spare Clips are Full Ammo Capacity), No Overheating Turrets, and XYZ Position so you can Teleport Manualy.

I Listed the Hotkeys for the Toggling the Cheat On and Off in the Description, plus I left all the Pointers to every Weapon Ammo, Health, Time Suit Power, ect. Some things are not Pointers Like Vehicle Position, and No Overheating Turrets (Turrets are Float and Start at 0 when not Overheated/Used), but the Script will cover it if you want to use the Pointer it'll either be you finding it or me Updating the Table with them.

Here is a List of Key Teleport Locations in Area's you can get Stuck in:

X Pos=70.01869965, Z Pos=7.177438259, Y Pos=-164.9648438 - Point of Impact (Accross the Spining Fan)
X Pos=-3.020205021, Z Pos=1.611115932, Y Pos=94.08223724 - Road Trip (Accross Fence)
X Pos=22.84605217, Z Pos=11.2669735, Y Pos=-7.751774788 - Forced Entry (Untop of Fort Wall *Buggy* since you can't Get there Normaly, Enemies kept Spawning when I was there and there is room with an Invisble Wall that if you teleport through you'll fall below the world)
X Pos=4.519320011, Z Pos=213.0529327, Y Pos=-0.091730468 - Test Labs (Win Level Position)
X Pos=5.908387184, Z Pos=-4.759246826, Y Pos=14.51862621 - Sabotage (Past The Locker Time Reversal)
TimeShift v.1.02 Upload.CT
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