WizOrb (Steam Version)

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WizOrb (Steam Version)

Post by STN » Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:16 pm

Made by Xathan

Hey guys. This is my first trainer with aobscan and lua scripting. I created it with help from Dark Byte =)

The game was the latest version from steam today but should work with possibly new versions too. My version from the file wizorb.exe was

When opening the process and the table you will be asked to execute the script. Click yes else the table would be empty. The script is generating the addresses for gold, mana, lifes and keys.

After dissecting the savegame structure I fould several other nice options which I will implement later (hopefully) Wink

Have fun and I hope you enjoy it.

Noticed a little bug. When e.g. starting in the first world and you get into a bonus room the address of the structure will change. Best way for now is to start a world and then go back to world map. Then the address is fixed for a long time. Try to fix that somehow.
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