Nexus - The Jupiter Incident

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Nexus - The Jupiter Incident

Post by STN » Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:09 pm

Made by Csimbi

Here's a script I made for the release; the installer is tagged as '', the main menu in the game says 1.01.
It's an AOB table, so it might work with other versions.

The script includes:
- Resource freezer; as name hints, it freezes the resources (when you add equipment to your ship). The resource value is heavily XORed around, so instead of grabbing the value and changing it on the fly, I simply prevented storing it (that is, on adding equipment). The code might update other values as well, so keep it disabled when you don't need it.
- Hull damage fixer; it fixes any hull damage. God-mode-like.
- Subsystem damage fixer; it fixes any damage of any subsystems. God-mode-like.
- Subsystem charge fixer; it keeps any battery-like subsystems (e.g. Cells) fully charged. So now you can enable all boosters and leave them on.
- Instant weapon cycles; it disables charging delays for all weapons I've seen so far, except of course missiles. Note: this might end missions prematurely (with success or failure, depending on the goal of the mission) due to rapid kill-off of enemy units, so it is disabled by default.
- Infinite missiles; prevents decreasing your missile/torpedo count on firing them (you'll need at least one to begin with, obviously). Note: there's a check on the name of the subsystem, so if it does not work for some missiles/torpedoes, the script needs to be adjusted (and additional check to be added.

When enabled, the Resource freezer will also expose the skills of the captain (of the ship being modified): military, science, engineering.
Just add something to the ship to grab the pointer, then click either 'Confirm' or 'Undo' and then 'Back'. Next, go to CE to edit the values in the table. The next time you open the fleet management interface, the updated skill values will be shown. You might want to save right away.

Note: the game crashes every now and then on ALT+TAB or mission start. I am not sure whether it's the script, so save every now and then. Might be the presence of the debugger, too...

I am done with the game - no further updates from me.

Yes, the update is coming to, they confirmed it in the forums.

In the meantime, I got it on Steam.
Here's a table for the Steam 1.02 binaries.
More or less the same as before, though there are a few additions.
- Weapon cycle speed mod; this allows you to scale the weapon cycle speed (if you don't like the instant one). Instant cycle overrides this one when both are enabled.
- Turn rate mod; so at least your ships are not moving like dinos.
- Component duper; I think this is what poeticjustic requested. Additional devices are added when you remove stuff. Make sure that when you're done with equipping stuff, you have 2 or more left of any item you duplicated. (For some reason the game acts weird where there's 0 or 1 left the next time you get to the fleet screen.)
Steam 1.02 binaries
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