I am Setsuna +12 (table Update9.5)

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I am Setsuna +12 (table Update9.5)

Post by STN » Wed Apr 12, 2017 6:20 pm

Made by Cielos

made a table for I am Setsuna.

- updated [HighlightedItemInfo], specifically the "Support Flux's dropdown list build up" lua script made by predprey. see predprey's post for details of the changes.

- updated the dropdown list for [HighlightedSpritniteInfo], integrated the nice lua script made by predprey.

- updated dropdown list for [HighlightedSpritniteInfo], added some more Support fluxes.
- updated Ignore Item Quantity. it allows you to sell material you don't have now (sell through "Obtain Spritnite" menu).
- updated dropdown list for [HighlightedSpritniteInfo], it includes Support fluxes (not completed) now.

- added EXP Multiplier .2, which is an alternate version that used the injection point found by DrummerIX.
- added pointers to base info of fluxes ([ParameterManager] > [sublimationParameter])
- updated dropdown list to itemId, fixed the name string length, which is, again, made by predprey.
- added pointers to [HighlightedSpritniteInfo], you can edit the fluxes of the highlighted spritnite here.

- added the dropdown list to itemId (under [HighlightedHaveItemInfo]), which is made by predprey.
- added Always Learn Fluxes.

- updated ATB Multiplier. added a mod key to apply a second multiplier.
- added ATB Multiplier.

- updated Ignore Item Quantity. it works in selling and weapon upgrading now.
- added Inf. Momentum.

- added some character pointers. ([playerCharacterParameter] is changed to [characterParameter]. [playerCharacterParameter] pointers can now be found under [characterParameter] > [%Character Name%] > [playerParams].)
- fixed some stupid mistakes on last update.
- added Sprint Key
- added some more pointers.

- updated Inf. Item. made some bad edit on last update. fixed now.
- added Inf. Item, made by DrummerIX
- added Ignore Item Quantity, EXP Multiplier, and Save Anywhere

- updated Ignore MP. it works on Combos (Techs that involve two characters) now.
- added Ignore Gold
- updated Undead, should work on the whole party now.
- added Walk Key

[Battle Related]:
- party still took damage when being hit but they won't be killed.

Ignore MP
- use Techs/Combos with zero MP.
- MP still decrease normally when you use Techs.

Inf. Momentum
- you can always trigger Momentum Mode.
- remaining Momentum usage won't drop below 1.

ATB Multiplier
- the larger the multiplier to faster the ATB gauge charged.
- apply to the whole party.
- press and hold Shift key to apply an alternate multiplier.
- set the multiplier to 0 (or select "Instant" from the dropdown list) to instant charge the ATB.
- default x?: 4
- default Shift key x?: 0 (Instant)

EXP Multiplier .1
- default x?: 2

EXP Multiplier .2
- using the same injection point as DrummerIX's script. try this one if .1 doesn't work for you.
- default x?: 2

Always Learn Fluxes
- use a corresponding tech in momentum mode in order to learn a flux for that spritnite.

[Items Related]:
Ignore Item Quantity
- allows you to use item with zero quantity.
- allows you to sell an item in ANY quantity (up to 900) you want, regardless of the actual quantity.
- allows you to sell an material you don't have through Obtain Spritnite menu.
- item quantity would decrease on use/sell/weapon upgrade until it reaches zero, but the item won't be removed.

Inf. Item
- made by DrummerIX
- item's quantity won't decrease when being used.

Ignore Gold
- shop with zero gold.
- gold still decrease normally when shopping.

Save Anywhere
- as title says.

Walk Key
- when activated, press and hold Shift to walk.

Sprint Key
- when activated, press and hold Alt to sprint.

- lazy to type all of them. check the table if you're interested.
- many (not all) entities with value type as "Strings" are for reference only. edit them at your own risk.

- most of the stats (but not all. may find more later.) of all characters can be found here:
[Pointers] > [ParameterManager] > [characterParameter] > [%Character Name%]
after editing a stat inside [playerParams] (e.g. fireResist), re-equip something, or enter a battle for the game to update the changes.

- pointers to base info of command fluxes:
[Pointers] > [ParameterManager] > [sublimationParameter]

- inventory item's info. you can change the item here:
[Pointers] > [HighlightedItemInfo] > [HighlightedHaveItemInfo]

- highlighted spritnite's info. you can edit the fluxes of a spritnite here:
[Pointers] > [HighlightedItemInfo] > [HighlightedSpritniteInfo]
BEWARE NOT to add more than 8 unique fluxes or you can't view/equip that spritnite again. that means, having all 10 slots added with different fluxes would have problem.
to increase a flux level, added the same flux to another slots.

- parameter of the highlighted item in inventory:
[Pointers] > [HighlightedItemInfo] > [HighlightedItemParam]

- parameter of highlighted weapons and talismans. you can edit the weapon model, or slots info for talismans here:
[Pointers] > [HighlightedItemInfo] > [HighlightedWeapon/TalismanParam]
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