Assassin's Creed Liberation HD +3

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Assassin's Creed Liberation HD +3

Post by STN » Wed Apr 12, 2017 6:04 pm

Made by Cielos

like it so far.
thank god it uses the blend-in system from AC3, no more grey, no more awkward square human formation... which shouldn't be a surprise consider it came out around the same time as AC3..

I made 2 options only. and by the look of it, most of the opcodes are re-used again. I think the timer/count-down scripts can be re-used too.

added a stealth script.

it's really nice to have a female protagonist in assassin's creed game, but the story-telling is really.....bad..
updated the table with 2 scripts, which I forgot to upload before.

Inf. Health
- health stays full.

Inf. Weapons/Items/$
- this is tested only on $ actually, but as it works the same since the first AC game, I think it'd work on items, weapons, loot, and chest too.

Stealth Mode
- ported from AC3.
- press Ctrl numpad- to activate, Alt numpad- to deactivate.

Old School Sprinting
- ported from AC4.
- when activated, prevent you to sprint when moving in high-profile, and only allows you to sprint if you press and hold space to move in high-profile. just like in the older AC games.
- press W and S to activate, press W and Q to deactivate.

Time of Day script
- ported from AC4.
- it shows the Time of Day and the Speed when activated.
- for the Time of Day, hot-keys are set for in-game changing:
numpad0 + numpad1: 7 - Dawn
numpad0 + numpad2: 12 - Noon
numpad0 + numpad3: 18.5 - Dusk
numpad0 + numpad4: 0 - Midnight
- for the Speed, game default value for Night is 20, Day is 50.
- to change the Speed, you need to activate the Speed Control script

Speed Control
- when activated, you may change the value of My Speed manually via the table.
- the smaller the value the faster the speed.
- when set to 0, the time would stop.
- hot-keys are set for in-game changing:
numpad. + numpad0: 0 - Stop
numpad. + numpad1: 180 - Slow (script default value)
numpad. + numpad2: 50 - Normal (game default value for Day time)
numpad. + numpad3: 10 - Fast
numpad. + numpad4: 0.5 - Very Fast

- with AOB scans, "should" work on your game version.
- table finalized.
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