Epistory - Typing Chronicles, +1 and Pointers

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Epistory - Typing Chronicles, +1 and Pointers

Post by STN » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:30 pm

Made by Cielos

made a simple table for Epistory - Typing Chronicles, as per requested.
there's not much to cheat actually, with CE's speedheck the difficulty can be reduced to nothing... that said, the table contains 1 script and some pointers.

for Ignore Skill Points,
- you can upgrade your skills with 0 Skill Point.
- Skill Points still decrease as usual when you upgrade your skills.
- the game would auto direct you to the Upgrade menu when entering the pause menu if you have 1 or more Skill Points left. if you found this annoying (especially when there's no more upgrade to do but you still have Skill Points left), press Home + End to set Skills Point to zero.

for the Pointers, see screenshot.
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