Dishonored Definitive Edition (Steam Version)

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Dishonored Definitive Edition (Steam Version)

Post by STN » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:25 pm

Made by Blank 0

Threw this one together last night. Feel free to make suggestions on what more I can add to it!

This table was made for Dishonored: Definitive Edition (Steam Version).

This table includes:

* Infinite Health (This should only apply to you. It only applies to the character in which [ebx+00000040] == 47. From what I saw, that should only apply to you as everyone else I checked seemed to have the value 33 at that offset. I'm not sure if that is the correct team/player ID but it has worked for me thus far. I went through some of the .ini files and found where Corvo's team ID was set to 255 but I was unable to find that value in his structure. If this cheat no longer works for you or seems to work on other characters, please let me know.)

* Infinite Mana

* Infinite Oxygen (While underwater)

* Infinite Money (Shops don't remove gold - Whenever anything is bought it resets your gold amount to 3,000- I've only tested this with Piero)

* Infinite Runes (Whenever you spend runes it resets your current value to 20 runes - Will have to refresh the menu for the new 20 to become avaliable)

* Infinite Double Jump (As long as you have the power unlocked, Agility level 1 I believe, you can hold down the jump button and continue to jump - Only works for Corvo)

* Infinite Dark Eyes (Only works for Corvo)

* Infinite Assassins (Please read the update notes below before using - Only works for Daud)

* No Standard Damage (Applies to everyone - Added by request - Enemies will still die when performing insta-kill actions like assassinations, counters, and adrenaline fatalities)

Update >> July, 16 2016

Fixed infinite health cheat to work with Daub as well. Also added a cheat that allows you to summon an infinite amount of assassins (theoretically), but it seems to cause some graphical bugs while it is active. To remove them you will have to deactivate the cheat and reload your save.

I can't post links/images yet so here is a broken URL to an image of the graphics bug - remove the parenthesis to fix:

Dishonored Cheats by Blank 0.CT
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