Card City Nights, strong starter deck

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Card City Nights, strong starter deck

Post by STN » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:24 pm

Made by justa_dude

Hi guys,

Here's a tiny little hack that will cause the game to give a starter deck sufficient to win every match. The deck list was taken from Joe Milkshake. To use the cheat, enable it and then go to player->options->reset deck or reset save.


Joe Milkshake wrote:

This one got me a lossless playthrough also, and it is really fast (good for farming) kills 90% of the time in 4-5 moves. You should be able to beat all offence/defence decks even if you are unlucky. For mill/rotate decks, you can win unless you are really unlucky.

Agnes x5
Alpha Strike x2
Bomb x3*
Health Potion x2
Hype Snake Body x5
Hype Snake Head x3
Princess Pitch Dx
Young Lichious Turnip x2

Assuming you have bombs, you can kill most decks with a vertical combo (Snake head + snake body + Agnes) plus a bomb.

If you don't draw a bomb, you can make a 2 combo with fishbun or princess pitch (plus something) or (zero + agnes).

The alpha strikes are for when you go second and have a zero or an ultra fishbun to make a 2 combo that delays them and deals the minor damage.

Use potions when you get value (ie. you revive a card that was blocking another card).

Finally, the Turnips should be used as a 1 turn defence/absorber. When you are about to be hit by a 3+ damage, and you can't kill them outright, then chuck one down. Or just use it whenever, it is very rare that the one turn you spend placing it down isn't worth the 1-3 turns they waste getting rid of it.
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