Xanadu Next (Steam/PC)

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Xanadu Next (Steam/PC)

Post by STN » Wed Apr 12, 2017 5:20 pm

Made by skippersp

Hope this table works for you


God mode (script): Take no damage
--Mega damage (on/off): Inflict max damage to enemies on hit

Selected skill info (script): Shows info on currently selected skill under F1-F4
--Infinite SP (on/off): Sets selected skill SP to full
--Level: The skill's current level
--Max level, Max SP, and Name properties are read-only

Ailment immunity (script): Automatically cancels status conditions on affliction, (effectively being immune)

Infinite items (script): Using an item in your bag or slots 1-4 will not consume it

Max guardian level (script): Equipped guardian is raised to max level on killing an enemy

Max weapon proficiency (script): Equipped weapon is raised to 200% Profic on killing an enemy, also granting its skill

Max level on kill (script): Raise your level to 30 on killing an enemy

Exp multiplier (script): Multiplies earned exp by the assigned value
--value: Don't go crazy with this. The total exp you need for level 30 is 300,000 iirc

Item editor (script): Can edit items in your bag, under the cursor
--Item id (aided by a dropdown menu containing item Ids)
--Item name (read-only)

Player stats (script):
--Level, HP, primary attributes, total exp, equipped items and guardian, bonus points, and more.

Item Id list:
[google drive]/open?id=1N2Vgjnvattx8RzvKcMCLqe2hfhu00hKhZaxZrk6VwTQ
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