Massive Chalice

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Massive Chalice

Post by STN » Wed Apr 12, 2017 4:02 pm

Made by FauDrei

Update r2
Changed AoB type of main injection scan. This could potentially solve main cheat non activation issue for some users.
[CTRL+F8]/[SHIFT+F8] = clear region corruption cheat added. It clears the corruption of all regions attacked during territory attack in strategic part of the game. While this cheat is activated - no regions will be lost to Cadence.
Additional player's team membership checks added. In certain battle situations in very advanced part of the game player's team members were not detected properly. Those additional checks could probably solve this issue.

Table for Massive Chalice (MC.exe MD5: 3f9c72cbc9b76a49f81cc6a909f9677b).

Game should be loaded (or start of a new game should finish) before activating cheats (CTRL+Ins). It takes approximately 10 seconds for cheat activation due to multiple AoB scans in the table.

Generally - CTRL+<FunctionKey> activate, SHIFT+<FunctionKey> deactivate cheat option. Also, holding SHIFT while issuing mouse commands temporarily disables all activated cheats (while SHIFT is pressed cheats are bypassed; releasing SHIFT cheats are again active).

[CTRL+F1]/[SHIFT+F1] = infinite action points
Infinite action points for player's characters in tactical part of the game. You can go around with just one of your heros and kill all enemies in one single turn. Smile If you want to end the turn with this cheat option activated - hold SHIFT while using action points or clicking "End Turn" button.
[CTRL+F2]/[SHIFT+F2] = invulnerability
Effective god mode in tactical part of the game. Player character's HP do not decrease. No matter what (except SHIFT Razz).
[CTRL+F3]/[SHIFT+F3] = instant kills
One hit kill - any damage to enemy characters will be fatal to them.
[CTRL+F4]/[SHIFT+F4] = infinite skill points
Any player's character action that in tactical part normally uses action points (moving around, attacking...) will give one skill point to that player's character. Also, skill points will never be used/decreased, so you need just one skill point to activate all available skills for that character.
NOTE: This cheat option can be slightly problematic from time to time. If activated and not working - try disabling (SHIFT+Ins) and re-enabling (CTRL+Ins) all cheats.
[CTRL+F5]/[SHIFT+F5] = unlimited skills
Skills have no cooldown turns and can be reused instantly. Also, there is no limit on number of skill uses in tactical part (if you f.e. need 362 alchemist flasks in a battle Wink).
[CTRL+F6]/[SHIFT+F6] = more experience
Experience gained will be 5x greater (default setting) and no experience will be lost (lapses). Customizable experience multiplier.
[CTRL+F7]/[SHIFT+F7] = fast research/building
Researching or building in strategic part of the game will be performed 10x faster (default setting). Change research/build speed multiplier for faster (higher multiplier) or slower (lower multiplier) build/research. Alternatively - once build/research has started and you can see the number of research/build days remaining in the table - you can enter any desired value there instead.

Have fun.
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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Massive Chalice

Post by gramcracker » Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:12 am

I am having issues with this. The exp multiplier is the only one that sometimes works. Any tips on getting it to work more reliably? the main 3 I am looking for are the research speed modifier, exp modifier and corruption clearing. All 3 are on the table but getting them to work has been unsuccessful.

Edit: So as it turns out, I was trying to activate the scripts in the cheat engine. If anyone else has this issue you have to activate the scripts through the ctrl+key for them to work.

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