Vermintide - Lua Injection

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Vermintide - Lua Injection

Post by STN » Wed Apr 12, 2017 3:30 pm

Made by pox911

This table does as the title implies. It will allow you to execute your own lua by overriding the loadString call. The form has a basic save and load function so you can easily keep stuff you want. It currently defaults to a script that disables friendly fire so you dont kill your bots in the harder difficulties.

Warning: Any lua errors will cause the game to crash

How to use:
* Activate the "Lua Override" script
* Enable the "Show Editor" code
* Put what ever lua script you want
* Hit inject
* Enter your inventory to trigger the execution of the lua

Here is an example code to be used. It does as it implies, slows down the rat ogres

Breeds.skaven_rat_ogre.run_speed = 0.1
Breeds.skaven_rat_ogre.walk_speed = 0.1
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