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Post by STN » Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:40 pm

Made by darkGraf

Hi guys!
Since nobody did i made a simple table for this game.
MaxStats (hotkey for activating script "Caps Lock")
Maximizes stats of selected object/subject e.g. Health, Integrity, Percent of completion etc.
So, if you select bot it will be repaired to max and will have max integrity, but will not clear KO flag (same with people - their diseases will not be removed, only doctor can heal). If you have destroyed structure it will be fully repaired, but it will not operate. So, use it only for partially damaged structures or to increase repair speed when structure being repaired by bot or engineer.
Sets to 1 pending resources for trade ship by selecting that ship. Be aware! If you trade different resources your stupid colonists and bots still carry all pending resources to trader, so try to use only 1 type of resources for trade (i use medical plants)
As previous, sets to 1 pending resources to build a structure.
Find daytime
It does what it says - activate this and u can control time of day, but not the days counter
Find wind
Same as above. U can control wind force
Need to explain it a bit. Can be activated only after u try to trade something. You DON'T need to actually trade some recourses, just place them for trade and than go activate the script. After activation u can trade for unlimited resources with trader - nothing will be changed. Only works with resources.

All scripts can be activated only after appropriate actions in game since game code is loaded by demand.
So, no unlimited resources, stats etc. But u can use first option for instant mining, recycling, u can renew accumulators charge. Pretty all the thing in that game. But u need to select that thing Smile Enjoy!
Upd. 2015.10.19: updated table for 1.0.2
Upd. 2015.10.20: updated table for 1.0.3 Added new features.
Upd. 2015.12.09: tested on 1.0.8 All features works fine.
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Re: Planetbase

Post by darkGraf » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:39 am

Made new table for 1.2.3 version (steam)
Still need some tests, some features may be buged, use at your own risk.
If u find some bugs pls reply, i don't have much time to fully test this table.
UPD. 2018.01.14 Added some new stuff
New vertion of table
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