Bunny Black 2

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Bunny Black 2

Post by STN » Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:35 pm

Made by Shiren

Table for Bunny Black 2, using the 1.02 translated version, it's unfinished yet, will as i play. This table can:

---------------------Updated: 4/2/16

- Mouseover Reader, useful in battle, can edit actual HP and SP of any unit the mouse is hovering,

-_Added skill, core and trained stats editing. This script can be used anytime an unit can be put in evidence by the mouse, party formation option, be in the dungeon or in Rakia shop or battle

-_Can now alter the trained "level" of units, including enemies and apply them a penalty by using negative values

-_Added ability to change rank and "veterancy" of units, improving discipline

- Remove Command Point Cost, when active this script will prevent the game from calculating the cost of your unit when forming a party. While the correct number will appear in the generic screens, while changing party it will always result 0

To update the value if the screen is already open when the script is activated, just move a unit anywhere

_Command point cost script has been updated to include support units

- Refresh 99 GSK Service Points, Activate before opening the GSK screen to have 99 points available every time

- Bp Value edit, Activate the script and move around at home or open the shop screen

- Party Resistance Bonus, this script permit to alter the bonus resistance given to the whole group, just like certain items do, include all resistance now

To use this script activate the first part named "Resistance For Support Units", then activate the second named "Resistance For Active Units" and set the values bonus to add.

To deactivate this script remember to unload the "Resistance For Active Units" first then the other one, doing otherwise may confuse CE. Resistance are calculated: When equipping/un-equipping, enter combat, every combat round appromatevely 11-15 times for every units, so to keep the bonus the scripts MUST remain active

- Remove Stat Limit, this script remove the limit of 99 to core stats and 999 to base stats, The UI can't handle properly such values however, so core stat will still read 99 and base tats will read ??? in such cases

With the pointers it's possible to verify that the real value are increased and field tests confirm it

Activate this script BEFORE loading your save if any unit present HP/SP are over 999 or you will the difference until recovered either naturally or using this table

- Party Editor, right now this script can control Drax plus nine more active units, including training level in all areas and actual status

This script also permit to edit Drax equipped skill all resistance/powers, but resistance/powers values must to be frozen or they reset at the beginning of battle, the drop down menu is also incomplete but fully functional

I would request that anyone using this table could post here the list of all abilities available, as right now only 30 or so abilities are named

Abilities with an * after the name are special skills

To use this script activate it while in the dungeon/Rakia shop and open the party management screen. It's also possible to use this script by opening the equipment screen instead, but in that case the order of the various unit listed is different

- Find Coordinates, this option permit to find the x/y coordinate while in the dungeon, just turn right with the script is active

WARNING: changing your group coordinated may brake your game, DO NOT use this option to ignore locked doors and seemingly unaccessible areas, scripts necessary for the story may trigger early!.

Mouseover, Bp Value, Party Resistance Bonus and Party Editor script are .exe name dependent, if your .exe name is different you'll need to change the name in the script for it to work
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