Arsenal of Democracy V1.02/1.07 (GM and More) Updated

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Arsenal of Democracy V1.02/1.07 (GM and More) Updated

Post by STN » Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:48 pm

Made by Recifense

Hi guys,

It took quite a while, but here is my contribution for "Arsenal of Democracy" Version 1.02. The table contains a script with the following features:

- Minimum Resources; (Money, Supplies, Rare Material, Energy, Metal, Oil and Men Power)
- Fast Production; (Select production window and all in the list will be produced in one day)
- God Mode; (via strength and organization)
- City Ownership; (if you are the invader, select the city and it will be yours)
- Unit Upgrade; (*)

(*) Only applied to attributes > 0
All units:
Morale = 90%
Max Speed = 90 (minimum)
Supply and fuel = maximum
Ground units:
Soft Attack = 20.0 (minimum)
Hard Attack = 20.0 (minimum)
Air Attack = 10.0 (minimum)
Sea units:
Sub Attack = 10.0 (minimum)
Convoy Attack = 10.0 (minimum)
Air Attack = 10.0 (minimum)
Air units:
Strategic Attack = 20.0 (minimum)
Soft Attack = 20.0 (minimum)
Hard Attack = 20.0 (minimum)
Naval Attack = 20.0 (minimum)
Air Attack = 20.0 (minimum)

The table also contains:

- Enable/Disable Unlimited Resources; (*)
- Enable/Disable Fast Production; (*)
- Enable/Disable God Mode; (*)
- Enable/Disable Fast City Ownership; (*)
- Enable/Disable Unit Upgrade; (*)

(*) These features are enabled by default. For disabling any of them, just change its value to 0;

It is for CE 5.6

Note: The script now uses the new CE command assert and will not load if it is incompatible with the running game version.


A table for version 1.07 was added. It was not well tested, so please give me feedback.

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