Pro Cycling Manager 2016

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Pro Cycling Manager 2016

Post by STN » Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:38 pm

Made by Thomaat4

Hey everyone.

Last year I made a table for my own but decided to update it for this years version and share it with you guys.

The table should work with all versions of pro cycling manager 2016 so far but I only tested it in the pro cyclist mode. It should also work in Career mode. Note that the table only works for one rider at the same time. If you want to do it for your whole team, you have to open one instance of the table for each rider and follow the steps for each rider.

And of course only for offline play.

Table version 1.1
Changelog: Added data structure for time trial races


Activate the Data Structures once the table is attached to the pcm process.

While in race, now search the heartbeat address for the rider you want to affect. The value you need to search is a float and you can use the number shown ingame. After a couple of filters you have 2 addresses remaining. One rounded float, example 120, and one longer float, example 120.36893. It's the address for the last one you need. Copy the address in the "insert Heartbeat Memory Address" field of the type of race you are riding. This can be done early in the stage for maximum effectiveness.

The stats for the rider will now appear in the table.
For a normal race:
-For unlimited stamina, freeze "Current Stamina".
-For unlimited sprint, freeze "Sprint Meter".
-For unlimited attack, freeze both "Attack Meter" and "Max Attack Meter Recuperation".

For a time trial race:
-For unlimited stamina, freeze "Current Stamina".

Note that the max values for each field depends on the rider's stats and form.If you want you can edit the values as you want.

IMPORTANT: The attack meter cheat works only completely in 1x speed. If you speed up the game faster, the meter will keep depleting and filling up. In that case just switch to 1x speed or pause and attack.

IMPORTANT 2: The above steps (except activating the structures) have to be done for each new race since the locations change each time. For the best result also unfreeze all field after your rider has finished but before the game goes to the highlights. This ensures best stability.

Hope you guys like it and if there are problems let me know. I'll see what I can do to add more options like powerbar.

Updated Table to version 1.1: added cheat options for time trial races.[/u]
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