Batman: Arkham Origins - UnrealEngine3 Cheats and more..

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Batman: Arkham Origins - UnrealEngine3 Cheats and more..

Post by STN » Mon Apr 10, 2017 12:54 pm

Made by SunBeam

[ 13.11.2013 - Update #8 ]

Added ToggleHUD option. Use it with NumPad *. Also, the No Combo Reset script, toggleable with NumPad /.


[ 05.11.2013 - Update #7 ]

Changed the hook spot for the EPhysics. Previously to this, I was using a location where, if you had unlimited ammo on, this would refill only when walking or flying. Now it works in any situation: removes the need to release RMB when firing disruptor, for instance, or dropping smoke pellets when fired at.

Download only if needed Razz

[ 05.11.2013 - Update #6 ]

Added Upgrade Points and Experience to the [Utils] sub-section. Pointer paths, no hooks Wink Enjoy!

[ 05.11.2013 - Update #5 ]

Added Shock Gloves. Toggle activation with Numpad 6. Once activated, you will probably see the mid-screen LMB+RMB message to turn them on. Do so. If you don't see the message, press the clicks anyway. Value will not decrease if idle or hitting enemies. If you want to turn it off, hit Numpad 6 again. Note that option won't work till you acquire the gloves (it's not a 'give gloves' option). Also, when performing silent takedowns, the gloves are automatically disabled. I didn't look into UE3's code for this, but if it happens, hit Numpad 6 two times (deactivate, activate).

[ 04.11.2013 - Update #4 ]

Fixed Unlimited Ammo. Path was invalid during cutscenes. Please redownload.

[ 04.11.2013 - Update #3 ]

Tweaked God. When you restart a map and have God enabled, it will automatically set the switch. Before this update, you would have to tap Numpad 5 two times after a map has loaded - once to disable it, twice to enable it. Fly speed increased to 2500.

[ 04.11.2013 - Update #2 ]

Added Unlimited Ammo to the Cheat Handler. Toggle it with Numpad 4. Note that some gadgets (such as the Disruptor) may require you to release RMB to fill-up to MaxClip. Use the disruptor in rooms with multiple armed enemies to break their weapons Smile Also, since I've set the cooldown timers (active and normal) to (float)-1.0, you may notice the Smoke Pellet will not instantly activate when you're being shot at and the screen display asks you to RMB. You will have to do a quick 6, RMB, LMB. Or take your time, if you have God enabled Razz


[ 04.11.2013 - Update #1 ]

I'm assuming there's no need for introductions. The format is the same as you've seen it in the tables for other UE3 titles:

a. Run Cheat Engine.
b. Run B:AO and get in-game.
c. Select game process (BatmanOrigins.exe) from the processes list.
d. Hit [Enable].

Once enabled, you have access to a few sub-sections:

-- [Utils]

Section contains options such as:

- Player Scale: Change Batman's scale using the appointed float value (default is 1.0).
- Player Health: You can see your current health, in case you want to update it or something.
- Coordinates: Figured I'd show them in case you want to mark some locations in the game.
- Current Weapon: Shows the base pointer for currently selected weapon. You can further play with structure, altering the Clip, MaxClip and disabling the timers. For example, freeze Clip and set ActiveCooldown to 0 or -1 (then freeze it). If you set CooldownTimer to 0 or -1, you will notice that you shoot faster (e.g.: the 1/4-keyed Batarangs). This has to be done for each weapon, manually, till I release an update.
- Shock Gloves Timer: To work this, switch to Disruptor weapon. Look at 'Current Weapon' and note the address displayed as value (e.g.: P -> 26720E60 / 4 bytes / 28EF7D00). Then from 28EF7D00, subtract 124. "Plant" this address in the 'Shock Gloves Timer' address field, set value type to float, change value to 50 and freeze it. You will see the Shock Gloves charge up to full bar and you can activate them with the LMB+RMB. Since value is frozen, they will not deactivate. Unless (tested for now) you silently takedown enemies. Report feedback on this.
- [Combos] subsection: This is adapted from Cielos' table. Full credits go to him for finding out the leveled path! Simply play with the values you see listed here.

I'll make a script for weapons, ammo, timers soon.

-- [Scripts]

This section contains the Cheat Handler. You are supposed to activate it and use the hotkeys below.

- SloMo: Use Numpad 7, 8, 9 to set SloMo to 0.5, 1, 1.5 values. Default value is 1.0 on float. Note that any fight event resets value to 1.0 (it's scripted that way).
- PlayersOnly: Use Numpad 1 to toggle it. You may notice Batman's cape will glitch. Haven't gotten to fixing it yet. I'll have to hook all locations accessing this switch and filter out the cape. Soon.
- Fly: Toggle it with Numpad 2. Once active, you cannot perform any actions but fly. You cannot rotate your character, just move. While moving high in the air, you can disable the option and quickly hit the Spacebar to glide. I've set the speed value to 1500.0 on float. If you want faster movement, open Cheat Handler script and change the value on line 139:

mov [ebx+288],(float)1500.0

- Ghost: Toggle it with Numpad 3. Option disables collisions, but doesn't render you invisible. It can be used without Fly, in case you want to step through a door or grate (e.g.: Black Mask's gas container behind the grate that requires shock gloves).
- God: Toggle it with Numpad 5. You already know what this does.

DO NOT TOGGLE THE SUB-OPTIONS MANUALLY! I've put them there for display, so when you alt-tab out to know what is active or not.

-- [Debug]

Feel free to mess around with it if you want Razz

[ 26.10.2013 - First Release ]

Hi guys,

So far I've managed to get the below. Requires a bit of attention to master till I release the form which you all know by now. Cheat table shows the below:


Note that Batman's Pawn pointer will be different on your machine. To spot it, simply load the game, double-click the Health item in the list and scroll through the values of level 3:


Batman's health, when any of the armors are not depleted, is 100. You'll know you've found the right one when you see 100 while scrolling left/right on the arrows. You will have to "plant" the same offset in God (for now).

I will be updating this thread with the script you've all been accustomed with in other UE3 games.

(78.45 KiB) Downloaded 376 times

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Re: Batman: Arkham Origins - UnrealEngine3 Cheats and more..

Post by IceLancer » Mon Feb 18, 2019 10:44 pm

All combo stuff works, including HP cheat, except for scripts->cheat handler-> no combo reset. Doesn't work

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